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7.12 "Fracture" Review

I like new Smallvilles and three in a row is a pretty good deal. The end of the writer's strike means that there will be 20 episodes, two short of a regular season but that's way better than 15.

But now for today's episode, which I thought was very interesting.

A lot happened before the credits even rolled. We start off in Detroit, and we all know what's coming. Or at least we think we do. Kara's in Detroit but the first shots are of Lex, who is loafing around with a gun. Lois shows up right behind him and that made me smile, just because ED is too cute. There was promise of Lex/Lois showdowns this season so I suppose that this conversation could be counted as one of their interactions, though they weren't fighting.

I like that Lois clued into what Lex was doing and followed him. She's a smart cookie and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. We find out that Lex has found Kara. Lois and he go their separate ways, Lex finding the bracelet that Kara wears on the street and Lois finding Kara behind a fence.

Kara doesn't know who she is and we already know that she has amnesia. It seems that some man named Finley is holding her captive. Lois promises to free her but someone, who we assume to be Finley shows up. He has a gun, surprise surprise. Lex follows after and with true villain style, Finley pulls Lois and threatens to shoot her.

Finley shoot Lex in the head and he falls. Has anyone actually done a count on how many times Lex has bee shot? Just wondering. Kara screams Lex's name, making me wonder how exactly she knows it.

Cue to theme song. Even with the beginning, the episode is not what I expected.

We get some good interactions in this show. After Finley locks Lois in with Kara, we get the first actual Lois & Kara interaction. They both realize the situation they're in is dangerous and Kara explains how she got there and how Finley seemed "so nice at first". Oh, Kara, don't they always? But I liked that they actually spoke. Even if it did come down to them being a life and death situation.

Meanwhile, we go back to the Smallville General Hospital. I find it funny that they always go there. Wouldn't there be a better hospital in Metropolis. Or maybe ... one in Detroit? Wouldn't they have wasted precious time air lifting him from Detroit to Smallville? Then again, this is Smallville ... I suppose wasting time with actual logic is pointless.

Either way, Lionel is watching Lex in the operating room and lo and behold, Chloe and Clark show up, having heard the news. Our dynamic duo has arrived. Lionel tells them that they managed to remove the bullet but Lex is in grave danger. He has regrets when it comes to his son, as he should, saying that "a lot was said ... a lot went unsaid". I think the fact that he just lot Grant two episodes ago and now he could lose Lex too is probably scary. Well, man, he was there for 26 years ... maybe you should've paid him a little more attention when he was alive! I don't hate Lionel ... and even though I'm not totally on board with his redemption act, he's not that horrible. But it seems that the inability to accept one's wrongdoings is a Luthor trait for sure.

Lionel shows them a photo taken with a cell phone found with Lex. Chloe recognizes the cell while Clark is shocked to see that the picture is Lex with Kara. "Kara's alive?"

Chloe and Clark conclude that Kara and Lois are in danger but the problem is that the only person who would know where they are is in a coma. Clark doesn't allow Chloe to use her meteor powers though she offers. He doesn't want to risk her life. At this point, Chloe is his only stable force. Lana and he are trying to make things work but we know that relationship is still in danger. His mother is gone and who else can he go to? Lionel? Not likely. So it makes sense that Clark would not allow Chloe to get hurt, the same way he snapped at Ollie in the last episode for putting her in danger.

They need another solution so where do they go? Lana.

I can't really rag on Lana today because there is nothing to rag on. I mean, her screen time was minimal and she did produce some important information on a project which focused on interrogators getting into terrorists' minds. Though it is dangerous, Clark realizes that he is not normal and he can do this.

Thus coming to the scene that I saw in the Director's Cut. Where we are told once again how dangerous the procedure is. But Clark is ready to go. Lionel reminds him that the "red door" is Lex's link to reality and he must never lose sight of it. Clark agrees and enters Lex's mind.

Clark is wandering through, peeking into a crack in a window. Seeing a ghostly floating figure, he walks away. However, an eye peeks back and as Clark later keeps walking, someone is following him We see it's a young red headed boy but Clark hasn't seen him yet. Instead he goes into his first memory, which starts off with Kara getting her hand bandaged by Finley.

Making me wonder why Kara doesn't have her abilities. It's not the first time I've questioned this but I really want to get an answer. Did they get stripped by Jor-El? I suppose we'll find that out at a later date.

Anyway, it's Kara's turn to have creepy people get obsessed with her. Goughlar must've been happy not to always have Lana as their target. Now they have Kara too! </sarcasm>

Kara attends a customer and it is Lex. Who has found Kara a while ago because she now knows him as a regular customer. He tells her that he's there for the pie, which is the second best. Her name is revealed to be "Linda", but I read spoilers so I knew that and I can tell it's Goughlar's not so subtle attempts at throwing the comics in there. Maybe they feel that they haven't totally screwed up the Superman mythos that way. Sorry guys, it'll take more than a few name drops and similarities to undo the damage you've caused.

Lex offers to help Kara get her memory back, advising her to leave. He really wants to be in on the big secret. No matter how many times Clark Kent pushes him out of his life, he's still devoted into having a connection there. It failed with Clark himself, it failed with Lana and now he's attempting again with the cousin. With Lex, obsessions never die, as proven later with his grand one with Superman.

Clark is dragged out of the memory though by an all white clad Lex. It is the same Lex Cassandra saw in her vision and you know what? MR creeped me out in this episode. He did a fantastic job as that freaky, evil Lex. I had chills and I still get them thinking about certain scenes.

Lex is choking Clark and who saves him but the little boy we see earlier! He is "Alexander" and he is the good part of Lex that does still exist. I really liked that kid who played him. He was adorable. It seems that Lex has been trying to kill the kid and he takes Clark to a "place where Lex never looks". "Trust me Clark," he says, "You're my best friend." That line broke my heart.

There are shifts between Lionel in the lab and Clark in Lex's mind. We find out that Clark's in danger with how deep he's going.

Shifting back, we get another memory and this one is just sad. It's a glimpse of Lex's childhood and how abusive Lionel really was. He accuses young Lex of going through his brief case and after several shoves, Lex finally cracks and admits it was Lillian, who shows up then. Lionel throws her on the ground after she confronts him on a "Project Veritas" and leaves. But even when Lex goes to help his mother, she is cold to him. It was just really devastating and you can see that Clark was shocked. He knew that Lionel was not a good parent but to see it live must've shaken him, especially considering how loving the Kents were.

Another memory has Lex talking to Kara where Lex gives Kara a necklace and Kara has accepted Lex's offer to help her get her memory back. He tells her that "there's nothing that's lost that can't be found again". Kara moves to leave, saying that she has to say goodbye and when Lex is waiting, that is where Lois shows up. From the caps, it seems that Lois and Clark are investigating together and I have to say that I feel gypped from what I thought was some good Clois bonding.

Lois has taken a picture with her phone and says that she works better with photographic proof and plays the Clark card. Lex sees it and pockets the phone. Oh Lois, you silly silly woman you. Should've been better prepared. There’s a scream and we know the goodbye had gone terribly wrong.

Back at the lab, things are getting dangerous. Lionel demands that Clark be pulled out but it’s too late. Clark has to come out on his own.

Clark, who has been found by the evil Lex, who takes him into another memory, making him watch Lex having sex with Lana. He’s horrified but in here, he doesn’t have powers and Lex forces him to stay. It shows that Lana will always be Lex’s triumph card over Clark. The scene disturbs Clark, especially when he hears her say that that she’ll always love him.

Lana, I’d love to know your definition of “always”. That scene was one I could’ve done without, thanks.

Clark manages to escape and it seems that Alex has found his friends. So Clark watches the scene where Lex gets shot and he is ready to go back but hears Alex calling out to him. Lex has found him and he is ready to kill him at last. He drags him away and Clark makes the choice to go after him.

Back in reality, it’s dangerous and Lex is fading fast. What’s worse is that if Lex dies, Clark dies with him. They can’t save Lex but Chloe storms in, wondering what’s taking so long. And she declares she can save Lex. She uses her healing power.

In Lex’s mind, Lex is ready to kill Alexander and Clark comes in, protecting the boy. By the way, Lex has a really psycho laugh. As I said, MR really managed to disturb me.

Chloe gets Lex alive again and Clark heads toward the door. Alexander doesn’t want him to go and I think that scene was really touching. He makes the boy promise he’ll never stop fighting. Tom has always been good with kids. Remember “Fragile”? He’s good with Alexander too.

This was a vital scene and it showed to Clark that Lex still has this good side. He even says that he will never give up now knowing that. That’s my Superman and that’s the reason that Superman never kills Lex Luthor. At least that’s what I believe.

Clark wakes up and he knows where Kara and Lois are. He sees Chloe all pale and knows what she has done. Much to Lionel’s shock, he just tells him to take her to her apartment and leaves.

Speaking of Kara and Lois, the ever efficient Lois Lane manages to pick the lock. They’re going to leave but Finley returns with a gun. Kara stands in front of Lois, saying that to kill Lois, she’s going to have to kill her first.

When the stack of cars fall over at that time, we all know who has arrived. Clark throws him away and speeds off, making it look like an accident. And as usual, Clark Kent has saved the day.

As for Lex, he’s getting out of the hospital when Lionel comes to see him. He lies, saying that Ollie’s serum (remember 6.07 “Rage”?) was what saved him and Lionel had a vial that he planned to use for himself but instead gave to Lex. Nice work there Lionel … taking credit for something you didn’t do.

But there was an Oliver Queen mention so I’m okay with that! I love Ollie. We need to bring him back.

Lionel tells Lex that he loves him but he just walks out. That time is long gone, Lionel. Too little, too late indeed. You needed to tell that young boy that. In hindsight, everything is clearer, isn’t it?

We get a Chloe/Clark scene, which is always fun. Clark is freaked out, saying that Chloe didn’t have a heartbeat for over eighteen hours, which was fifteen hours longer than the last time. Not good news at all. But I’m glad that Clark accepted that it was Chloe’s decision to make and didn’t argue with her too much. Chloe, however, is having doubts about her own abilities and wonders why she was put in charge of such an amazing gift. I think it’s a curse. I definitely wouldn’t want that power.

Clark’s always barging into where he wants so Lex really shouldn’t be so surprised to see him there when he arrives home. Clark is ready with accusations, wondering why Lex didn’t tell him he found Kara. Lex says he called twice and Lana hung up on him. Clark’s skeptical but a part of me really wonders if Lex is lying. It seems like something Lana would do. I suppose that can go to interpretation. Neither are the trustiest of sources.

Even if Lex didn’t call, I am curious to why Lois didn’t. Shouldn’t she have told Clark? I guess that’s Smallville for you.

I liked how Clark was saying that he believes in Lex but Lex is rather doubtful of Clark’s intentions. But the look on his face when Clark requotes what Lex said to Kara was priceless.

The show finishes with a Kara/Lex scene, which is way better than a Clana loft one. Kara was the one who initiated contact and Lex is unsurprised when she says that Clark’s keeping secrets. He’s only too used to being at that place where Kara stands. When he mentions that Clark and he used to be best friends, Kara tells him, “Clark didn’t even mention you guys were friends”. Ouch.

I did roll my eyes when Lex said he grew up when she asked what happened. Lex, you were kicked out. That’s what happened.

Once again, Lex offers Kara the treatment, saying that he’s not interested in keeping secrets. “We’ll get the truth, once and for all,” he proclaims, which leaves me with an eerie, unsettling feeling.

What is with Lex and using amnesiac people to get what he wants? He did the same thing to Clark, by taking him to the caves in “Blank”. I worry for Kara and I am confident Clark will interfere.

When that will be and how it all plays out, I’m not sure. There was no new trailer for next week and I know there’s no new Smallville for a bit. At least I think so. Correct me if I’m wrong.

This episode was good though. I thought people did a good job acting wise and it was well done. I hope a new one comes soon because I’m really curious to where this will go.
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