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Some Great Fics

I love doing these recs and it's always fun when i get a bunch of fics I love together. Here's a few I enjoyed recently.

1) Valentine (Chloe/Oliver friendship, PG) by divas_lament- A very cute fic that has some lovely Chlollie flirting. She's great with dialog and she always nails the banter. Definitely worth a read!

2) Surprise! (Chloe/Oliver, M (about NC-17)) by sarcastic_fina- A hot Chlollie fic with the Justice boys. The summary is that Clark and the team go to surprise Ollie and get a surprise of their own. It's very amusing and it's really great. Her Chlollie fics are always wonderful, whether she's writing angst or humor and this is no exception.

3) The Greatest Gift I Can Give You (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, WIP) by saavikam77- This is actually a SR/BB fic and is not dealing with Smallville but it's so great I had to rec it anyway. This story is just amazing. I fall more in love with it as each new chapter comes out. I love her Clark & Bruce dynamic and it just melts your heart.

4) Something to Believe In (Clark/Oliver, M, multiple crossovers, WIP) by megsjedi- Logan Masters, the main character,  is made up by the author but he's interesting so far. He actually lives in our world and falls into the Smallville one. Isn't that amusing? A very original concept that made me smile. One chapter is up so far but I'm looking forward to more!

5) A gift from the heavens (Clark, Jonathan, Martha, G) by iliana_1- This is a fic where Clark is a baby and the Kents have a family moment. It's really sweet and I really missed Jonathan after reading this.

Enjoy all of this weeks recs and the issue for the sv_ledger is up today so there are lots of stories and more there too! As always, if you like something, leave feedback for the authors!
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