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Meme Results

Remember this meme? I totally forgot about it! So now I'm going to post people's questions and answers as well as revealing the list. Some of the questions had me in a fit of giggles and now you can partake in my amusement.

ferdalump's questions:

If 7 was a gummi bear, what flavor would they be?
Something strong, like cherry. Not sure actually. This one had be stumped.

If 3 was to get pregnant what would number 6 think? Any chance it would be number 10's baby?
I think 3 would be shocked if they got pregnant and 6 hasn't had any interaction with 3 but I think 6 would be pretty shocked too. I don't think it'd be 10's baby but that would make the situation a helluva lot funnier. Oh man, the crack. ;)

What would number 2 wear as a Halloween costume?
2 has a bit of a naughty streak and has dressed as a devil before. Something where there would be a beautiful costume because 2 is way into fashion.

Number 4. Are they real? You know what I mean. ;)
Yeah, they're real. LOL!

Number 1 sucks. Would you agree?
Nah, 1 isn't so bad. A bit serious but very intelligent and overall, pretty cool.

Number 9, you know has been very bad. How should number 10 punish them?
I would go with the bondage route but I think that 9 would actually really enjoy it. In fact, in my mind, 9 is pretty kinky. 10 would definitely have a lot of fun with that one.

quiet__tiger's questions:

If 4 and 5 went to a movie together, would it be to *watch* the movie or take advantage of the last row?
4 is newer to the concepts and in canon, they may just watch the movie. But parts fandom may be very interesting in them in doing the other option. 5 can be naughty at times so they'll be more than willing to teach 4 all about taking advantage of the last row.

If 6 and 8 went to a masquerade ball together, who would they be dressed as?
Robin Hood and Will Scarlet. ;)

Do 2 and 3 ever go swimming together? If so, are bathing suits on or off?
They've never met in canon but 3 loves the water and 2 could love it too. They'd make an odd couple but 3 is a flirt and so is 2 and I could see them both discarding the suits.

1 comes across 7 in the shower. Does 1 strip down and join 7?
1 is kind of shy and I think that they would be extremely embarrassed. Should they ever actually interact that is. 7 is married but if the spouse wasn't there, 7 would definitely be the initiator. 1 would definitely stammer and run out.

9 prepares dinner for 10. What did they make and where are they eating it?
Does 9 even know how to cook? 9 has their cooking done for them. If 9 attempted cooking, maybe something of the Italian or French variety? They may be eating at 9's place. 9 has a reputation and could pull out some fancy stops.

2 wants to stay in, 8 wants to go out. What do they do?
They'd be an odd couple and I can see them both as the going out type. But 8 is very charming ... it's very possible they will get their way. Unless 2 gives other suggestions, which may persuade 8 to stick around at home.

3 wants to be sexy for 9. Do they decorate the room (candles rose petals, mood music) or themselves (food, sexy undies, body paint)?
I think that 3 would decorate themselves and 9 would definitely appreciate that.

1 paints a portrait of 4. What position is 4 in and what’s in the background?
1 is not really an artist and is not really dirty minded either. 4 would probably be in a coffee house or something. 1 is kind of a caffeine addict.

6 writes poetry about 7. What’s the first line?
Something that has a reference to 7's eyes, comparing it to "sapphires" or something. 7 does have pretty eyes but 6 is not really into poetry, even has admitted it before.

Would 5 be more likely to compare 10 to a summer’s day or winter’s night?

Probably a summer's day but I don't think it'd be like that. They would never see each other in that way. Trust me.

tobywolf13's questions

1 and 5 go christmas caroling, what song do they sing and why?

A favorite, like "Jingle Bells" ... something upbeat because they're both perky when they want to be.

6, 2, and 10 go bowling. Which characters in the bunch already own the shoes because they are secret bowling fanatics?
They'd be a funny group. I can't see any of them owning the bowling shoes. 10 is competitive and 2 would hate the shoes because they're so into fashion. 6 likes outdoor sports. 2 may own the shoes not because they're bowling fanatics because the idea of wearing something that other people have already worn may be troublesome to them.

3 and 4 are in a book club together and are arguing over the next month's selection. What does each one want to read and why?
Funny thing is that i can't imagine either one being much of a reader. #3 would probably want to read something lighthearted and 4 may be into science fiction just for the amusement factor ... to see how it compares. Sorry, i can't come up with actual books.

7 and 8 are alone in a graveyard together. What are they doing?
I can't imagine 7 and 8 ever interacting. They live on opposite sides of the country. 8 could be in the graveyard to investigate some wrongdoings and 7 may be grieving a relative? 8 has had close family die too but I don't believe 7 could get into that graveyard.

What's nine's favorite Beatles song?
9 has a tendency of being broody. As far as music goes, I'm not sure what Beatles song they would like. The list is up! Give me a suggestion 'cause I really can't think of one.

skuf's questions

Who'd win a physical sparring between 4 and 6?
I think they're pretty evenly matched. However 4 has a power 6 hasn't yet developed so they have the advantage of moving away and coming to surprise attack later. It's be an interesting fight, that's for one. Though I feel like they wouldn't be fighting in the first place. 4 would be really reluctant, that's for sure.

Who'd win a verbal sparring between 5 and 9?
They'd make a good pair. Both are witty, unless 9 is trying to go around with their usual facade to fool people. But if they really let loose, it could be great. I'd put my money on 5. 5 has snark down.

2, 3, and 8 are stranded in the jungle, each on their own - who'll survive the longest?
3 may start to need water soon. I'd vote on 8 because 8 has experience with being stranded and will know how to make use of resources.

babydracky's questions:

1 and 7 got drunk and married, what would they do in the morning?
7 is already married but if the spouse wasn't in the picture, I think they'd both be shocked. They're very different when it comes to personality and I can see 7 being more calmer about the situation. Not calm, but more 'ehh, whatever' type deal. 1 is the more rational of the two but also the more prone to panic attacks. They're all about the planning and preparation so something like this would not be good for them.

2 and 3 found out they've the same father, what would they do?
It's unlikely but they'd be freaked out. They don't look alike at all so it'd probably take some convincing and 3's ... heritage would be cause for a lot of questions.

3 and 10 played together when they were children, what would they play?
A water game

4 and 5 found out they share the same girlfriend, what would they do?
That's funny because they have actually had the same love interest. Not girlfriend though. 5 would be really upset at the idea ... 5 has been burned before and I think they'd walk away.

6 and 8 were best friends and forgot all about this, what would they do if they remembered?
The age difference between the two may not make this possible. However, if they briefly met and forgot later, I think 8 would find it hilarious and 6 may be embarrassed. 8's always had the better sense of humor.

The List:

1. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
2. Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill)
3. Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
4. Kara Zor-El (Smallville)
5. Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
6. Clark Kent (Smallville)
7. Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill)
8. Oliver Queen (Smallville)
9. Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)
10. Lois Lane (Smallville)

Hope you all were amused as I am!
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