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Yay for fics!

I know these rec lists are randomly posted but I figure every time I get a few fics, I should post. Here's the latest that I think is worth a read.

1) Keep Holding On (Clark/Oliver, NC-17, sequel, WIP) by boltgirl426- Yes, this is THAT fic. The sequel to "I've Got You Under My Skin". Together now, let's do a happy dance people. She's gotten back to this story and I have to say the newest chapter is as wonderful as the rest of the story. Go check it out. It's probably the only story that has dared to take Clark out of Kansas and it's perfect. My list of Clark/Ollie fics has all the chapters of both the original fic and the sequel, if you don't want to go through the tags.

2) In This Late Hour (Chloe, Oliver, Bart, Victor, AC) by freneticfloetry- This is a cute one-shot about the JL boys courting Chloe onto the team. It's absolutely adorable. There are promises of a sequel which will be Chlollie. But even this fic is great.

3) Undeniable (Chloe/Oliver, Dinah, T) by sarcastic_fina- This one is Chlollie. Dinah has feelings for Oliver but he keeps rejecting her. Then she finds out why. I really liked the Chlollie relationship as shown by a third person's perspective. My only issue with this story is the slight snubs to Lois but overall, it's really great. She's usually good with Lois so it doesn't bother me too much on this one.

4) Your Song (Clark/Lois friendship, PG-13) by ancarett- This is a really sweet sequel to another fic of hers, Heart to Heart. And it's absolutely amazing. Both of them are definitely worth a read. I love her Clark & Lois dynamic. The first one actually mentions the "Siren" talk, which always makes me happy. A must read for any Clois fan.

5) God Damn It! (Jonathan, Martha, Clark) by iliana_1- This is a sweet story about when Clark was little. It's just adorable and it will really make you miss Jonathan. And the Kent family moments. I love her baby!Clark. He's so sweet. I want to hug him.

6) Into the Serpent's Lair (Kara/Lex, Chloe/Clark, PG) by rjchasez- I've actually not read Kara/Lex fics before but this one was really good. I am surprised by the lack of them. Lately, I don't have a lot of love for Lex but she really captures what could happen post-"Fracture", a territory we know the writers wouldn't enter but a definitely interesting possibility. This is part of the Sweet Temptation series.

7) With the Flip of a Coin (Chloe/Oliver) by divas_lament- Her Chloe/Ollie fics are so much fun and this one is no exception. I love the Chloe/Ollie dynamic and her sense of wit is just showcased once more.

So today, you get a little bit of everything! Remember to leave feedback for the authors if you enjoy the fic!

Hope you're all having a good week!
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