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Lovely Fics by Wonderful Authors

More recs for all of you to enjoy!

1) Cravings (Clark/Oliver) by boltgirl426- This is set after "Coming Full Circle", which as you know is a sequel to "La Fuga Dolce". It's a really cute one shot with a hormonal Clark.  I really loved it and you will too!

2) Arrival (Clark/Oliver) by boltgirl426- A follow up after "Cravings". It's a really sweet fic that is set right after the birth of the twins. It will make your heart melt for sure. I really enjoy this universe she's created. Ollie and Clark all happy together is just a wonderful image.

3) Hero (Chloe/Dean, T, SV/SPN) by sarcastic_fina- I don't even watch Supernatural but because she wrote it, I had to read it. And there's something hot about the Chloe/Dean pair that I can't resist. This was really great. Definitely worth checking out.

4) Seduction Ploy (Chloe, Oliver, PG) by divas_lament- Oh Bart ... how he causes trouble for everyone. In this case, it puts Chloe and Ollie in an amusing situation. Her fics are always fantastic and this one is no exception.

5) Sans Parasite (Chloe, Pete, Clark, PG-13) by divas_lament- I love this fic because it really made me miss Pete and I'm hoping the new SV won't screw him up too much. A really cute friendship fic.

6) Bloodlines (Clark/Lois, Lana/Pete, Mature, SV/DCU, completed WIP) by xenokattz- I know I've recc'd this before but now it's complete! I have to say, this is one of my favorite Smallville fics ever. It's just absolutely incredible. The writing is fantastic and the plot is so well developed. I swear, if she wrote books, I'd buy them. It's a MUST read. Even her Oliver is fun!

7) Y? (Chloe/Clark) by tobywolf13- Set after "Siren". An adorable fic where Clark starts bringing Chloe stuff and doing things for her and Chloe is curious. It really put a smile on my face and it will put one on yours too.

8) Coda (Chloe/Lex, Adult) by circulartime- This is a wonderful story. It's going to have three parts, "Coda" being the first, which has four chapters, being the first one. It's not really a shipper fic, it's more about Chloe's growth as a character and what happens when she really evaluates her friendship with Clark and finds it lacking. Her Chloe is so strong and her take on Clana is amazing. All parts of "Coda" are up and I have to read the last two parts but from what I have read, it rocks!

There's a bunch of stories for you to enjoy! Remember, if you like what you read, leave lots of love for the authors!
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