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DVD Commentary Meme: Chemicals React Chapters 1-2

So, charlie_jae   wanted "Chemicals React" done for this meme. Here's the first two chapters. More will come soon!

Story: Chemicals React
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lexana, Chlimmy, Clois mentions of Lollie & Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: through 6x13, Crimson
Summary: My version of Crimson. After Lois kissed him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite, which removed his inhibitions. First stop? Star City!

This was my first WIP that I completed. I waited until everything was written to start posting and it was title-less the entire time I was writing.

boltgirl426  , my lovely friend and awesome beta, came up with one for me. Little did she know that would be a reoccurring pattern.

Chapter 1

“Lois!” Clark protested, as a scantily dressed Lois Lane dragged him into a phone booth at the Daily Planet. “What happened to you after I left last night?” He tried to keep the panic out of his voice. What was going on here?

She was dangerously close to him. “I went home,” she pouted. “Alone.” She smiled seductively. “But,” she whispered, her lips close to his, “you know where I wanted to be.” And before he could protest, she kissed him.

Suddenly, he felt a change come over him. A part of his mind was screaming, “Clark . . . that lipstick was glowing. Kryptonite!” But the effects of the red k had already hit and Clark opened his eyes, which were now glowing red. Lois didn’t notice. Wow, did he feel free or what?

I needed a place to start the fic. It had to be somewhere in the first half of “Crimson” but since I didn’t want to add in too much episode stuff, I figured just bring on the kiss!

He pushed Lois away. Her eyes were widened with lust but he felt nothing towards the pretty brunette. She was a good kisser, sure, but this was not what he wanted. Images of a certain blonde billionaire were filling his mind. No longer would he have to watch from the sidelines; no more being jealous of Lois. The dreams that he had been having would soon become a reality.

“Clark,” Lois breathed, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Yeah, babe,” Clark purred, “That was fun. But I have places to be.” He gave her a quick kiss and he was gone. He heard her calling after him, but it was to no avail. He was a man on a mission.

I do love Clark on red k. He’s just way more fun. Besides, he took Lois to Ollie’s penthouse in the show. I figured … maybe he thought that’s as close as he can get to having the blond for himself.

Walking out of the Daily Planet, he headed home first. Glancing at the mirror, he frowned. What a dorky outfit. He looked through his wardrobe until he found what he was looking for. Perfect. Tight black jeans, a black top, and a leather jacket. He styled his hair with the gel he found and he was set.

Now he looked good. Oliver wouldn’t be able to resist. But where to go to find Oliver? Would he still be adventuring with Victor, Bart and AC? He remembered them saying something about an island off the Corto Maltese. But they were probably long gone.

Maybe he had headed back to Star City. Well, there was only one way to find out. What a beautiful day it was . . . for a fly. California must be lovely this time of year. Stepping out of his house, Clark found a nice empty place behind the barn. Then he took off.

Clark does fly in the episode and I figured it would be great if he flew here too!

Without the red k, he was terrified of heights but with his newfound confidence, flying was as natural as breathing. Upon seeing the Golden Gate Bridge, he knew he had arrived. It was hard ducking the planes and making sure he wasn’t seen by anyone. He may be more carefree but he wasn’t stupid.

He listened for the familiar pattern of Oliver’s heartbeat (which he would never admit aloud that he knew as well as his own) and followed the sound to his destination. Said destination ended up being a sprawling mansion.

Though he really wasn’t interested in using the normal approach, he rang the doorbell. If he was lucky, Oliver would answer.

It seemed that he was. The door swung open a minute later and he was face to face with one very surprised Oliver Queen. Boy did he look good. Dressed in a pair of faded jeans and a long sleeved black shirt with gray sleeves, he was as gorgeous as ever.

Actually, this is the picture on my default icon. I just love that shirt on him.

“Hey Ollie,” he said, smirking. “Miss me?”

Oliver was clearly speechless. He looked Clark up and down, opening his mouth several times to speak but no words coming out.

I could just imagine Ollie’s face. It was priceless.

“You going to stand there gaping or are you going to let me in?” Clark teased. “I know I’m hot but please, refrain from drooling.”

Wordless, Oliver moved out of the way, allowing Clark to pass by. Oliver closed the door and Clark followed him into the living room.

Regaining his voice, Oliver said, “Clark, this is a surprise. Have a seat.”

“And he speaks!” Clark exclaimed, laughing, while he sat down on one of the couches. “Thought you lost your voice there. You know, I was half expecting you to be out and about with the rest of your gang. Crime fighting taking a vacation?”

“Yeah,” Oliver replied. “We’re taking a short break. I had to come back to Star City for some business.” He hesitated for a second. “Clark, how exactly did you get here?”

“I flew,” Clark told him. And . . . silence. Flustering Oliver was fun. He loved finding ways to silence the other man. If all went well, he would soon be silencing him in a very different manner.

“You flew,” Oliver repeated.

“Is there an echo in here?” Clark joked. “Yes, I flew. Are you really that surprised?”

“Can you blame me?” Oliver asked, raising an eyebrow. “I’ve seen you do some pretty amazing things and I’ve witnessed other powers by other people. But flying?”

“Must be an alien thing,” Clark said flippantly. Oliver froze. “Yup, that’s me. Alien.” He stood up and walked behind Oliver’s chair. His breath hot on Oliver ear, he whispered, “You knew I wasn’t normal. You just didn’t know how far from normal I actually was.”

This has to be my favorite dialogue that I’ve written. Clark w/o red k would totally blurt out his secret and this scene was just so clear in my head.

Backing away, he x-rayed the house to make sure nobody was around. As if reading his mind, Oliver said, “It’s just me here. I dismissed the servants for the day.”

Clark spun around and grinned, pleased. “So we’re all alone,” he murmured. “Interesting . . . very interesting.”

“Clark what’s going on?” Oliver demanded.

Oliver doesn’t waste time.

“Whatever do you mean Ollie?” Clark asked. An innocent question, yet said so deviously that it was anything but. Oliver was standing too and only a few feet away. Still too far, Clark thought, annoyed.

“You show up, with no warning at all,” Oliver pointed out, “Dressed like that, may I add. Then you’re acting completely different. Is everything okay with you?” God, why was he asking so many questions?

“Everything is fine,” Clark said, with a wave of his hand. “You once accused me of playing the martyr.” He came closer, invading Oliver’s personal space. “Maybe I’m sick of it; maybe I’m going for what I want, for once.”

He could hear Oliver’s heart pounding. “And what I want,” he purred, “is you.” Before Oliver could even reply, he kissed him and pulled away very quickly, leaving the kiss short and sweet.

Unfortunately for him, neither does Clark. Our favorite alien knows what he wants and for once, is going for it.

Not how he imagined his first kiss with Oliver but it would do. The older man’s lips were as soft as they looked. Then Clark gave a half smile, seeing Oliver’s bewildered expression.

“That’s why I’m here Oliver,” Clark said softly. In a second, he was cool and calm again and heading toward the door.

“Wait, so you’re just going to leave?” Oliver wanted to know. “Kiss me and walk out?”

Clark laughed. “You don’t know what you want Oliver.” He ran his hands through his hair. “I’m giving you time to figure it out. But I do have better things to do than sit around here.” He paused. “Vegas isn’t too far is it?” He winked. “I wonder what the night clubs will be like. What’s the saying again? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Can’t wait to test that one out.”

Clark in Vegas! That’s always a fun thought, isn’t it?

Giving Oliver one last glance, he left the house. He heard footsteps following him but he was already in the air. About 100 feet up, he looked down and saw Oliver watching him. He waved and turned around, flying off without a backwards glance.

This part made me giggle. I could just see Clark waving from above and flying off. I really wish I could see Oliver see Clark fly. Only in my dreams.

If he knew Oliver like he thought he did, the other man would soon be following. Tonight would be their night. But for now, Clark was in the mood for a game. Come find me Ollie, he challenged silently, and you’ll be in for one hell of a surprise.

Vegas was everything Clark expected it to be. He had his fake ID all ready. Kal was back and ready to party. This particular club was called Fire N’ Ice and it was the third one he’d been to that night. He had tried one club, then grabbed dinner when he got hungry and had gone to another one. On the way out, he heard a group of girls mentioning this place and decided to check it out. He figured he would hang out for a while, dance with a few more girls (and guys) and head out. This was not going to be easy for Oliver. Where would the fun be in that?

He approached the bar . . . a female bartender. And she was gorgeous. Long blondish brown hair and hazel eyes with a killer figure. He gave her a flirty smile.

“What can I get you?” she questioned.

“What do you recommend?” he asked, giving her a smile.

“A guy like you?” she looked him over. “I would think you could handle anything. But I’ll make you something special.” She turned back to the bar and Clark smiled to himself.

“What’s your name anyway?” she asked. “You’re too good looking to be hanging around by yourself.”

“Name’s Kal,” he said. “Never been to Vegas before- thought I should check out the scene.” He gave her a blatant once over. “Looks like I got lucky with this one; don’t know how other clubs are going to compare now that I’ve seen you. Do you have a name to go with that pretty face?”

But she didn’t seem the type to get flustered easily; he liked that. “Name’s Kristin.” But she was interested; he could tell. She handed him his drink . . . it was red, very nice. Took a sip . . . delicious. It was a tropical blend but whatever she put in there gave the drink an extra kick. She was watching him expectantly.

Even more red k. In retrospect, I suppose it’s not very realistic to have meteor rocks in Nevada but I don’t really care.

“Very good,” he complimented her. “What’s this made of?”

“Secret recipe,” she said, with a tease of a smile forming on her face.

“So when do you get off of work?” He asked casually. “Do they give you breaks in this joint?”

“In a couple of hours,” she said, leaning forward over the bar that separated them. “If you stick around, I may let you dance with me.”

“If I’m still around then,” he promised. “I’ll definitely be looking forward to it.” He lifted his glass. “What do I owe you?”

“It’s on the house,” she said. With that, she walked off, seeing another customer. Sipping his drink, he looked around, seeing if there was anyone interesting to dance with. He sighed, disappointed.

What was taking Oliver so long anyway? Did he decide not to come after him after all? Clark shook his head . . . ridiculous. He had seen the expression in the blonde’s eyes. He wanted him . . . and who could blame him?

Kal is really over confident and I love to write him like that. Red k is definitely a plot tool I love to use. It’s way fun.

Other than the pretty bartender, this club was a waste. He stood up, ready to leave, shooting one glance at Kristin. Maybe he’d come back later and get his dance. But for now, time to find a new place.

Glancing at his watch, he saw it was only a little past 9. He stretched and got up. Turning around, he was shocked at who he was faced with.

“You look like you’re having fun,” Oliver drawled. Seeing Clark’s stunned look, he added, “Miss me?”

Of course Ollie had to follow him.

Clark was quick to gain his composure back. “Sure, took you long enough.” It had been worth the wait though. Oliver looked sexy, dressed for the clubs for sure. Leather pants, a grey shirt and a long jacket made him irresistible. Every man and woman he had danced with so far faded away in comparison.

“Seems you’ve been busy,” Oliver commented.

“Yeah,” Clark shrugged, “I have. Now, if you don’t mind, I plan to get busy somewhere else. Catch you later.” But Oliver was quick; he grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving.

“Cute Oliver,” Clark said. “But you know that you really can’t stop me.”

“Hey Kal.” He turned to see Kristin coming back. “That guy giving you any problems?”

“Nah,” he said. “I know this guy; nothing I can’t deal with.” He gave her a blinding smile. “Thanks Kristin.”

“No problem,” she said, leaving again. Oliver dropped his hand.

“Kristin?” Oliver looked amused. “Been making friends?”

“I can’t help it if people are naturally drawn to me,” Clark said haughtily.

“Oh, I don’t blame them,” Oliver agreed, smirking. That smirk. Clark couldn’t imitate if he tried and he had tried.

I love Oliver’s smirk. He’s so adorable when he’s being smug.

“So,” Oliver stated, “If you’re getting out of here, why don’t you come with me? We can cruise the Vegas scene together.”

Clark tipped his head, as if he was considering the offer. “Sure why not? Lead the way.”

Sleepy eyes opened against the harsh daylight and Clark looked around his eyes slowly coming into focus. Spacious with white walls and expensive paintings. This was definitely not his bedroom. Confusion seeped into his very being as he realized that he was naked . . . naked in a strange room.

I remember my beta had to rewrite this part for me. It didn’t flow so well and she helped me out.

He shifted a little and heard a moan from next to him. Oh no, were the first words to flash into his mind. Peeking under the covers, his heart stopped. Because lying next to him was one Oliver Queen, who seemed to be equally naked.

Gingerly, he got up and put on his clothes, to make sure he didn’t wake the other man. Stay calm, Clark, he told himself, don’t freak out until you know what’s going on. He looked out the window and saw that he didn’t recognize the area at all. The sun was shining and he saw a river with a beautiful bridge. The architecture was lovely. If he didn’t know better, he would think they were in Europe.

His eyes widened. Europe. Flashbacks hit him hard as he remembered what had happened over the past day. To make sure he hadn’t been dreaming it all, he glanced at his hand. Yes, there was now a platinum ring adorning his left hand.

He hadn’t imagined it; he now knew exactly where he was. Venice, Italy. On his honeymoon. Because over the past day, under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark had gotten married- to Oliver. Now how was he going to explain this one?

I love cliffhangers. They’re just too fun for words. Plus, Clark on red k does have a tendency to get married (cough *Alicia* cough). Who doesn’t want to see Ollie and Clark married anyway?

Chapter 2

“Nice ride,” Clark commented. Nice was putting it mildly. A dark red Aston Martin V12 Vanquish was waiting for them. Red . . . he did love the color.

Cars and rings … those are the two things I love to look up when I’m writing fic. Pretty pictures make me happy and I really like choosing the perfect one of each.

This is also the story that stemmed my love for flashbacks. Now they’re practically trademark of my fics. I find it a good way to explain the back story yet not summarize everything. It’s more fun when there is dialogue involved.

“Glad you approve,” Oliver shot back. He opened the passenger door and Clark slid in. Oliver had found him; he would concede him this small victory, allowing to be driven somewhere. But the game was hardly over.

“What a gentleman,” Clark said sarcastically.

“You know me,” Oliver joked, getting in the driver’s seat. Starting the car, he looked over at Clark. “Where to first?”

“Surprise me,” Clark challenged.

He did. Oliver managed to get them into one of the hottest clubs in Vegas with no problem. When they entered, everyone’s eyes were on them . . . he liked the attention. But Oliver did not appreciate others staring at him, because when he caught the looks, he immediately put a possessive arm around Clark.

Hmm . . . so Oliver Queen had a jealous streak, now did he? He certainly wasn’t going to be tied down. Oliver may be sex on legs but there was no way he was going to control Clark. At least not yet.

Jealousy is my favorite emotion to manipulate in fics. I love the idea of a possessive Oliver. But I don’t think redk!Clark would.

“I’ll get us some drinks,” Oliver whispered into his ear.

“You do that,” Clark told him, already checking out the dance floor. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Oliver heading toward the bar.

“Hey gorgeous,” a voice came from behind. A woman walked in front of him and smiled. 5’9”, black hair, vibrant blue eyes . . . and those eyes were currently checking him out.

“What are you doing, standing here all alone?” she asked, placing a hand on his chest.

“Waiting for a lovely woman like you to come along,” Clark responded. “Looks like I got lucky, didn’t have to wait long.”

“What about the blonde you came in with?” she asked, coy, “Hate to think a looker like you plays for the other team.”

“I play for both teams,” he assured her. “He was my ride here- we’re not attached at the hip or anything.”

I could imagine redk!Clark not only wanting to flirt but wanting Ollie to see him flirt. He rather likes to play games. My redk!Clark is naughty, isn’t he? All the more fun, I believe.

She came closer. “Good to hear it. Why don’t you come and dance with me and couple of my friends?”

“I’d love to,” Clark said, following her onto the floor.

“Name’s Julie,” she called over her shoulder.

“Kal,” he called back. Next thing he knew, he was in the center of a large group, between two women who were rubbing against him. Not a bad place to be at all.

“Excuse me,” a voice that he only knew too well said. Then he was being pulled out of the group.

“Awww,” the group protested as he left.

“Don’t worry,” he said, with a wink. “I’ll be back.”

“Not likely,” Oliver’s breath was hot against his ear. He allowed Oliver to drag him to an emptier spot on the floor. “I leave for one second and you’ve already found other company?”

Oliver had to come back and snag his man. I really think that it is what Clark wanted.

“Now, now Ollie,” he said lightly. “You don’t want to come off as jealous, do you?”

Oliver gave him a hard stare and suddenly smiled wickedly. “Oh, I’m not jealous.” He pressed their bodies together and moved with the music, causing Clark to move as well. “I am much better than anything those girls could give you.”

What I love about Oliver is his natural confidence. He knows what he wants and in “Siren”, he paraded around with a shirt on to entice Lois. Except he is not annoyingly arrogant, just confident enough to make it sexy.

Clark ground his hips against Oliver. “That you are.”

Oliver gave him a predatory grin and pulled them closer, which Clark hadn’t believed to be possible. In a voice only Clark could hear, in a tone that was filled with lust and made Clark shiver with desire, Oliver told him, “You’re going home with me tonight.”

He definitely was.

Mmmm … you know I would hate possessive lovers in real life but it’s really my thing in fics. Oliver being all controlling over the physically powerful Clark is sexy.

If it had been under any other circumstance, Clark would’ve enjoyed the beauty of the sight that greeted him. It was just after noon on Saturday, which he had learned after a quick check around the room. But he couldn’t focus on the view. Now, he was just anxious, confused and frightened. Oliver was still asleep, and for that he was thankful.

He had done a lot of stupid things in the past, under red k, but this time, he had gone too far. This made Clark question himself; what kind of horrible person was he underneath? All the time he had blamed his actions on Red Kryptonite but it didn’t alter his personality.

I am glad that they brought this point up in this episode and I want it to play a part in this story too. Red k cannot excuse Clark’s actions because it is Clark without inhibitions. He’s saying and doing all the things that he feels deep inside. I want it to be that he realizes it on his own though, not have somebody else inform him.

In fact, if anything, he was more Clark than ever; he had no inhibitions. So deep inside, he wasn’t in love with Lana but he was willing to marry Oliver? He had always accepted the fact that the older man was extremely attractive but he always assumed his feelings were platonic.

Apparently not. And what was worse was that Oliver had feelings for him. The other man had agreed to marry him and he had actually been in the right frame of mind! How was he supposed to tell him that whatever happened over the past 48 hours (approximately) had been a mistake? He would be hurt and their friendship would never recover from the blow.

One thing Clark was sure of was that he couldn’t face him . . . not now at least. It was coward’s move but Clark was going to make it. Finding a piece of paper, he quickly wrote his goodbye. He headed toward Oliver’s side of the bed and gently kissed his forehead.

Clark does have a tendency to run at the sign of trouble. I can’t see him sticking around for confrontation and plus, it would be more exciting if Ollie had to go after him.

“I’m so sorry Ollie,” he whispered. One last look around the room and he left.

Within minutes, he was in the air, on his way back to Smallville. Thanks to his memories, he remembered that they had taken Oliver’s private plane so he would have a way to return home.

This part was me messing up. I got a few complaints on it not being clear on how Clark got home. In the last part I did say how the lack of inhibitions allowed Clark to fly. In my defense, it was an earlier story. Writing it now, I would’ve had him be so desperate to get home he flew. Oh well. You live, you learn and you do better next time.

The return home took about twenty minutes but he was in no rush. It gave him a chance to think but part of him wished he could shut off his mind. Then he wouldn’t have to be faced with the horrible deeds which he had committed.

Guilt tore at him. Everyone must be so worried. He had just taken off without a word. What must his mother be thinking? And Chloe? Hopefully, they had found a cure to whatever happened to Lois. It must’ve been the lipstick, he realized. Only after she kissed him did he feel different. It was infused with red kryptonite.

And the drink at the club; the one Kristin made for him. It had been glowing red but he hadn’t taken any notice. Nice going Clark.

As he entered the house, he saw his mother, Chloe and Lois, sitting around the kitchen table, looking worried. “Hey guys,” he said cautiously, not knowing how to approach them. Before entering, he had taken off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket. He knew he should’ve left the ring with Oliver; it would’ve said more than he ever could but he couldn’t bring himself to part with it.

I didn’t want Clark to be all “oh my god, I’m in love with Oliver Queen” but rather be confused about his actions. Yet there has to be a certain pull that he can’t explain. I thought him keeping the ring would be a good idea.

“CLARK!” Three voices exclaimed at once.

“Are you okay, sweetheart?” came from his mom.

“What happened? Where did you go?” piped up on Chloe’s end.

“You’re an idiot, Smallville, you had us all worried!” And the typical response from Lois. He was not at all surprised. At least he knew first hand she was all right.

I could just see the three women sitting around the table. Even Lois, who doesn’t want to admit her affection for the farm boy, would be there.

“I’m fine, everyone, I’m sorry to have worried you,” Clark said.

Martha breathed a sigh of relief and Chloe just smiled, her eyes watering. Lois huffed, looking annoyed, but he could see the worry in her eyes.

“Now that Smallville is safe and sound,” Lois declared. “It’s the middle of the night. I’m going to get some sleep!” She left, without a word, clearly frustrated that she had shown as much emotion over him as she did.

“Don’t worry about her,” Chloe told him, “She was just as worried as the rest of us. Now, what really happened Clark?”

He sighed, taking the seat Lois had just abandoned. “A lot of things. First of all, did you figure what happened to Lois?”

“Yeah,” Chloe said. “There was this lady who sold these products on Valentine’s Day. Lois bought some lipstick that made you fall in love with the first person you saw. She took it, saw you and bam! It was a mix of a few things but I think there was an aphrodisiac in it. After I left you guys, I came back to find Lois freaking out, saying you disappeared. Jimmy went and got the cure. She doesn’t remember anything. Must be a side effect.”

I love Chloe so she will always be an integral factor in my stories. She’s just so fun and smart and loyal.

“It was a mix of a few ingredients all right,” Clark sighed, “It also contained red kryptonite.”

“Oh Clark,” Martha said.

“She kissed me, after you left,” he said, addressing Chloe. “And the rest is history.”

“Oh honey,” Martha cut in. “Did anything happen?”

“Oh mom,” he said sadly, “I screwed up, I screwed up big time.” He put his head in his hands, miserable. He felt two pairs of arms encircle him.

“Don’t worry Clark,” he heard Chloe say, “Whatever happened, we’ll get through it. It can’t be that bad.” If they only knew.

On the other side of the world, Oliver Queen was waking up, to find himself alone.

I thought it was a good place to end the chapter. Call me evil but I do love leaving people hanging.
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