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Some Recs

Here are some lovely fics that I've had the pleasure of reading lately.

1) Something Sweet (Clark/Lois, PG) by circulartime- This is amazing. I was in serious need of some Clois lately and this was everything I wanted and more. It's made of win and she writes both Clark and Lois so wonderfully. It definitely puts a smile to my face and totally made my day. A must read for a Clois shipper. :)

2) The Trouble With Love (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by Jade4813- This story is on and it's just too cute. I love her Clois. She always writes wonderful fics with the two of them. She wrote one of my favorite fics and I love this oneshot.

3) Impressions (Clark) by tobywolf13- She's so good with the emotions and really gets into Clark's head. It's really well written and totally awesome. Then again, all her fics are so it's really no surprise.

4) The End Of All Things (Clark/Bruce, PG-13, SV/DCU, WIP) by bradygirl_12- She is one of my favorite Clark/Bruce authors and this one is just amazing. It's set in Diana/Wonder Woman's POV and the emotions are just so amazingly done. It makes me all happy whenever she updates, even if the chapter tends to break my heart.

5) Moderately Harmless (Chloe/Dean, PG-13, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- I am really getting into the Chlean pairing, which is funny because I don't even watch Supernatural. But this fic is so cute. I love her Jason reference and the Chloe/Dean banter is fun.

6) Self Control (Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, PG) by divas_lament- What can I say? I love her fics. This one made me laugh. There is Chlo-Lo, mentions of Clois plus Chloe hitting on an unsuspecting Oliver. What more do you need? It's perfect.

7) Blind (Chloe/Oliver, hints of Clark/Lois, PG-13) by sarcastic_fina- I felt really bad for Lois here. It's her finding out about the Chlollie but it was well done. The emotions were very real and we get some good ol' Clois comforting. Which is the best ending. ;)

Enjoy the recs! Remember, if you like a fic, leave feedback for the authors!
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