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'Cause I love recs

I don't know why I love making these lists but they're just great. I can't help it if there are so many awesome fics out there that I have to share! So here are a few more.

1) (Don't) Throw Away All the Pieces (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, SV/DCU) by arianstarr- Wow, this one is just amazing! I swear, she's one of my favorite Clark/Bruce authors. She just has a hold on the characters. There is some lovely Tim/Kon and you get to read about what happens when they get caught by the Inquisitor. There's even an Ollie appearance! It's all very awesome.

2) Mourning (Chloe/Oliver friendship, PG) by divas_lament- This one just broke my heart. It hurt, in a good way and her Ollie is always so supportive and wonderful.

3) The Affair (Chloe/Oliver, Chloe/Jimmy, Jimmy/Kara, Clark/Lois, NC-17) by sarcastic_fina- Speaking of hurt, this one killed me. I was just going through a jumble of emotions when I was reading this. I wanted to hug Chloe and slap Jimmy. Ollie as a Prince Charming type just wins at life.

4) Where You Lead, I Will Follow (Chloe/Clark friendship, PG) by simplytoopretty- I love this story. It is so realistic when it comes to Chloe and Clark. Her journey through the Chlark friendship is moving and definitely a pleasant read. Plus, it's Chlarky without dismissing Lois, which I always appreciate.

5) Red Suits Us Part 1 Part 2 (Kal/Chloe, Kal/Lois, Adult, WIP) by circulartime-This is a hot one. Clark on red kryptonite is always a blast and her Kal is definitely different. I swear, this story is like a drug ... I'm so addicted!

6) On The Half Shell (Clark/Bruce, NC-17, SV/DCU, WIP) by romanyg- The first of a two parter, it's just too great. I love her Clark and her Bruce is a seductive, detached jerk but I've been promised to get reasons soon enough. Her Alfred is protective and wonderful and I really love her stories. This one is no expection.

Enjoy the recs! As always, remember to leave feedback to the authors!
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