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In this meme, babydracky wanted me to blog about dolls. So here we go!

I love dolls. When I was a little girl, I used to have a lot of Barbie dolls. When I used to live in Connecticut, which was from kindergarten to 2nd grade, I had approximately 120 Barbies. No, I am not kidding. Yes, I know I'm crazy. My sister used to break some of their heads off. I was not amused.

I was always a girly girl and I loved stuffed animals and dolls. I still remember some of them fondly, like this Jasmine doll I had. She was wearing a red outfit and she had a red plastic jewel on her head which lit up. Good times. ;)

I STILL have a lot of stuffed animals. Too many, in fact. My mom has told me if I buy anymore, she'll start throwing out my old ones. 'Cause they're all cluttering up my room at home. I even took my stuffed tiger with me and it's sitting on my bed right now as I write this.

I've always had a fascination with those other dolls. The delicate ones that you can't play with. I think we have a couple because they were given as gifts. They're very pretty.

I still like dolls. Last year, I went to England on Spring Break because I have a friend who is doing a five year med program there. We went to London of course and I went to Madame Tussaud's. There, I saw my Shahrukh Khan doll. Shahrukh's statue had been revealed that week and much to my displeasure, my so called best friend wouldn't let me stalk him. I was SO close! :( Anyway, I did take a picture with the statue and I loved the doll! He was lovely and I not only bought him but I dragged him back to California with me. My sister made fun of me but I didn't care.

That's him! Well, it's not MY doll ... mine is at home and still in its box. This is a picture I found on the internet of him. He even came with a change of outfits! I really wanted to buy the Kajol doll so he'd have company but I resisted. Maybe next time.

Point? Dolls are fun!
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