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Smallville 7.13 "Hero" Review

Smallville's back! With a bang? Not so sure.

We start off the show WRONG. With Kara and Jimmy. I somehow expected it coming but really? They're not why I tune in so I could care less. However, I do like the song they were singing, right after "Apologize". I don't know what it's called though. Shame.

Jimmy is all promising that Kara will remember eventually when she expresses doubts. Aww ... how cute. NOT.

Then as we've been expecting, Pete returns. He looks different. I suppose it has been three years or maybe my memory is lacking. Either way, I have to admit I don't care for him. I am a big Clark fan and I don't forgive him for turning his back on Clark. Honestly, I understood his need to get away because shouldering such a big secret is scary and when your own life is at danger, it's even scarier but I felt bad for Clark afterwards.

Anyway, Pete is looking for gum and well, they're in a Stride factory so he finds. Surprise, surprise ... it's green. I wonder what's going to happen now. </sarcasm>

He chews it and he smiles and there is a weird noise indicating that something has happened. I cannot believe how cheesy this plot has gotten already. But he's just enjoying the music too, conveniently standing behind Kara. Jimmy returns and we see him snapping pictures of Kara with his cell phone.

A piece of equipment breaks and Pete saves Kara with his new stretchy abilities. Jimmy, of course, captures that on his phone. Pete's shocked with his powers and Kara is just grateful and leaves with a simple thanks. By the way, does she just not have her abilities? So Jor-El stripped her of her powers or something? I still want an answer, even though sadly I'm sure we're not going to get one.

Cut to the credits.

Dude, during the first set of commercials, we already have a Stride commercial. How much did these guys pay Goughlar anyway?

Now we get back to the reason I watch the show. Clark's coming down the stairs and looky, it's Lionel in his kitchen with Lana. By the way, Lana? Didn't he try to blackmail you just a few episodes ago? My God these people have short term memories. The topic of the morning is Kara and for once, it's Clark telling Lionel and Lana that he has to tell Kara the truth. But both Lana and Lionel disagree.

Aww, Lana, now that you know everything, you realize the importance of keeping a secret?

Lionel informs them of Kara spending time with Lex, saying that Clark should be cautious. Well, I think he should be cautious of you but he doesn't listen so good, does he? It is revealed that Clark doesn't know the whereabouts of Kara's bracelet and since it's Lionel asking the question, should we all be suspicious? Lana makes a good point (I know, shocker!) by saying how Lex saved her and well, really, he is the only one telling her the truth. Or what she perceives to be the truth. He's more open than the people she's living with.

Lana takes a moment to give us her woe-is-me story and relates back on how Lex manipulated her. Dear, your stories are nothing alike. Everyone warned you on what Lex was like. You were stupid but that's nothing new. Either way, we're moving on ... nobody cares.

Pete arrives as Lionel is leaving, surprised to see Luthor senior there in the first place. He exchanges hugs with Lana and Clark is happy to see him. He realizes that things have changed.

Pete, you have no idea.

We move back to the scene with Kara and Lex. Lex is desperately hanging on to whatever he can. His obsession with the Kent family will eventually transfer over to Superman and Michael Rosenbaum does play the obsessive Lex well. He manipulates smoothly and without regret. Clark's name even comes up in the conversation and Lex says that he "wishes he could say yes" when Kara asks if he trusts Lex.

Guess what Lex? Clark doesn't trust you either! And you're not worthy of the truth anyway. Maybe if you stopped taking advantage of amnesiacs to get the answers you feel you deserve (but really don't), we all could. You're evil and I have no sympathy for you.

Either way, he has answers for Kara, which is more than Lana and Clark can say so she trusts in him. He has analyzed the symbols on her bracelet and tells her that is the key. Wonderful. I apologize for the sarcasm and bitterness but there are parts of this show that really annoy and bore me. This whole "Lex is getting closer to Clark's secret" bit is one of them.

Back to Clark, Pete and the future Mrs. Ross ... I mean, Lana. She leaves and I, for one, am grateful for the lowered amount of screen time she has. The less, the better.

Clark and Pete play basketball and we feel like we're all back in season 1. Oh, wait, we're not. Pete comments, "I wonder what your dad would think about a Luthor hanging out in his kitchen". Burn. At least someone brings it up. Clark tries to defend Lionel and we're all going "wtf" and Pete continues to blame Lionel for what happened to his family, factoring our newly "redeemed" MB for his parents' divorce.

Pete's love, or in this case lack of, hasn't changed, we find. His bitterness toward them and even Clark has only intensified. He hated keeping Clark's secret and he accuses Clark of ruining his life. Okay, Pete, I'm bored of you already. Go back to wherever you came from. I've had enough of everyone blaming Clark for his problems. YOU can leave ... he can't. He's stuck with this, asshole! Unlike you, he can't run.

“I had to leave my life behind because of you and to be honest, it was better than living in your shadow," is Pete's lovely jealous statement. Dude, no love for you at all.

Pete shows off his abilities and Clark is shocked. He wants to get it reversed but Pete's rather pleased with it. I sometimes feel sorry for him. I mean, Clark's taller, better looking and has superpowers ... I can see how he may feel insignificant next to him. So he obviously wants to keep his one way he feels he stands out. That's why he wants to tell the world, even when Clark is doubtful of that plan and rightfully so.

To keep the plot up, Pete dismisses Clark's concern and even threatens him, saying that if Clark stands in his way, Pete's secret won't be the only one that comes out.

There are a lot of unusual interactions in this episode. Jimmy has more screen time and I suppose this is why he's a season regular now. They realized that they're nearing the end and he needs to be seen more. He has a scene with Chloe. I found it cute how he quickly retracted when accidentally slipping on the meteor freak thing.

Chloe sees the picture and recognizes Pete. I think she was trying to delete the picture but quickly finds out something is wrong.

We then have Lex who is seeing the picture too. Chloe storms into the office and we have a Chlex confrontation scene. Hi guys. Am I the only one who found Lex's purple office hilarious? Dude, I like purple too. Looks like I need to find a new favorite color.

They argue, Chloe storms out, end of story. I found them lacking their usual spitfire but it was nice to see them back in action.

Jimmy has a scene with Clark, where he tells him that "the world needs a hero now more than ever". OKAY. We get it. Stop hitting us over the head with reasons why Clark needs to be Superman and stop making everyone tell him that. I'm so sick of it already. Clark needs to figure this stuff on his own. Why can't they put a little effort into that? No, of course they can't because that would show that Goughlar actually cares about their main character and we can't have that, can we?

Wow, this review is bitter but I just can't help it. I still like Smallville, surprisingly but it is frustrating at times. Clark does find out about the meteor rocks in the gum though.

There is a lovely Chloe/Pete scene that we saw in the Director's cute. They hug and we can see that sometimes, crushes really never go away because the longing on Pete's face almost hurts. Pete shows Chloe is abilities by snatching a rose and giving it to her. He goes on about his bitterness toward Clark but Chloe is more subdued. We know she'll never turn on our favorite alien.

Pete says that he wants his story on the front page and though Chloe expresses concern, he won't be swayed. She tells him about the computer issues and Lex playing Big Brother and Pete is determined to do something.

Meanwhile back at the Kent Farm, Kara is snooping through Clark's things and gets caught by Lana. She tries to get answers but Lana just lies about the symbols but she manages to surprise her when she has information on the tattoo. Continuity guys! Not that we need to bring back that awful witch storyline from season 4 but oh well.

Lana, being the genius she is, deduces that Kara is working with Lex and gets her chance to say how evil and awful and manipulative Lex is. Kara pleads for the truth but Lana doesn't give it. Kara leaves but says she will find out the truth. I like that the Lana parts of this show are not with Clark. Lana is more tolerable when it's not a Clana scene.

Isn't it interesting though? To have someone who isn't Lana demanding secrets? Especially when it's from Lana that they're demanding secrets. Shoe's on the other foot now, isn't it?

And heeere's Jimmy! God, I'm getting lame. I think this review is unnecessarily long. I'll try to wrap it up but it's not likely it's going to happen that way.

Jimmy catches Pete breaking into Lex's computer. We see him setting a virus. Who didn't see that coming? We all know subtle Smallville is not.

Lex catches him and Jimmy watches the whole thing. They snip at each other and Lex gets down to his true intentions. He wants Kara's bracelet and he's certain that is in Lionel's safe. Tells Pete about that Chloe is meteor infected and he will expose her to the world if Pete doesn't do as he says.

We get a scene with our dynamic duo and they're talking about what Clark discovered. Entering the Planet again, they see that there has been a virus on everyone's computer and Chloe knows it's Pete. That is when Jimmy runs in and tells them what he found out and how Pete is on his way to break into Lionel's safe.

'Cause the security sucks as usual, Pete gets into the office and breaks into the safe. He finds the bracelet. I don't even know what to do about Lionel. The man is obviously evil. Dude, just pick one or the other, Goughlar. My head hurts when I have to think about this show.

He turns and finds Clark, who he berates for having to do more stuff because of him. Clark expresses surprise when he sees the bracelet and Pete is the second person who tells him off for not getting rid of Lex. When will people understand that Clark doesn't kill? Either way, Pete uses meteor rock to stop Clark and says he is going to do what Clark didn't.

I don't know why Pete believed he could outsmart Lex but as suspected, he was stopped in his assasination attempt by one of Lex's goons. You mean ... he does have people protecting him? That's a change. Lex tries to get answers but Pete has decided to be noble and doesn't give him anything, lying about the bracelet.

Lionel comes into his office and saves Clark. Clark tells him that they have to talk later (that never happens) but he has to stop Pete from making a huge mistake.

At this point, I'm looking at my clock and as suspected, at the 50, Clark comes in and knocks out everyone, saving Pete.

Pete is grateful and he says, "I guess the best part about knowing your secret is being able to say thank you". They have a moment and I smile.

Surprisingly enough, they do talk about Pete's powers and Clark's not wanting to tell anyone because of Pete. Not bad, Smallville, I'm almost impressed.

Pete has a scene with Chloe, where he gives her a rose and tells her that he knows that she has a power but he won't force anything from her. They hug and Jimmy sees it. That was the love triangle for today. The Jimmy/Chloe/Pete one.

Either way, Pete's gone again and we probably won't hear from him but oh well.

Cue to Chimmy scene. They talk, Chloe assures him that they're just friends and Jimmy says that the spark with him and Kara is gone. That was fast. Either way, he asks if they have a chance and she is all happy.

Looks like Chloe and Jimmy are back together again! By the way, is he just ignoring the fact that Pete referred to the meteor rock as "kryptonite"?

I swear, they play so much of that "Apologize" song in this episode! OneRepublic and Stride are getting so much advertising!

The ending song has Clark in the barn, hiding the bracelet.

Then we go back to Lex who is staring at his family symbol. Some person who is probably working for him says something about the stars being aligned a certain way and the last time it was that was was October 7, 1989 which Lex easily recalls as the day of the first meteor shower.

They don't really go into that and they don't have the chance because Kara shows up. The parallels between the Lex/Kara relationship to the Lex/Clark one is as clear as day. She says she doesn't trust Clark and Lana and wants to stay with him. He goes and shuts the door and thus ends another episode.

Honestly, it wasn't that bad. I mean, like, I expected worse. Then again, I expected nothing so anything's better than that, right? It's really the best way to make it through Smallville.

Pete was not bad and Sam Jones III did well with his anger and jealousy toward Clark. It was well acted.

I wonder what will happen with Kara & Lex.

I did miss Lois. When is Erica coming back again?

Next week ... Traveler. I'm sorry but you won't get a review from me. Silly me booked my flight back home and I will be missing Smallville. So I will have to wait and will catch up with all your reviews soon enough.

Until next time guys!
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