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Biggest Guilty Pleasure TV Show

divas_lament wanted me to blog about my biggest guilty pleasure tv show from the 90s.

I have to say that it is definitely Power Rangers ... the original of course. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers baby!

I used to watch it and I even had a Pink Power Ranger doll when I was a kid. My parents got it for me for Christmas one year. Kimberly, I'm ashamed to admit, was my favorite. I loved pink ... I was such a girly girl when I was little.

I had that movie on video. I saw it several times when I was younger.

To top it all off, I was a shipper early in life. I loved Kimberly/Tommy and Tommy was probably my childhood crush. White Ranger was my favorite ... the white knight coming to save the day on a tiger ... LOL! I blame it on the Disney movies I indulged in as a child. I was somewhat of a romantic, as you can tell.

In fact, my childish heart broke when they split up. Yes, I know that Amy Jo Johnson wanted out but I was so angry. And I didn't like Kat. I had no issues with the character but once they put her with Tommy, it was war. Not cool. I stopped watching the show.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I loved that show. My first entrance into fandom was when I was 12/13 and I found on accident. I saw Sailor Moon fandom and I wondered if there was fanfic for every TV show. And what did I do? Look up Power Rangers to see if anyone had fixed that awful letter. I was quite pleased with the results. *blushes*

Yup, so that's my story. I think there were enough people in my generation who watched Power Rangers and I'm kind of appalled remembering how they made the Asian girl the yellow ranger, the African American the black ranger and whatnot. Then again, we were kids ... who the hell was thinking about that stuff then?

I think I even saw that dreadful Turbo movie 'cause I heard Kim was back and I was so sad for the Tommy/Kat ending. Still bitter. LOL!

Some ships never die. ;)
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