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As you know, I'm doing the icon meme, which is here. I replied to a few people's posts and this is what they chose for me.

Sorry Ferd! I actually do like Chloe/Bruce. :\ When I first started with Smallville, I was all about the Clois. But I really liked Chloe, especially after season 5. So I wanted her to have a hottie of her own. Thanks to fanfic, I discovered the Chloe/Bruce ship. I figured this was perfect! Especially after seeing Christian Bale in Batman Begins. So I started shipping them so my favorite characters could all be happy. Then along came Oliver Queen. Collie was love at first sight ship. However, Chloe still needed a guy and I often send her to Gotham so that Clark-Lois can be the DP duo we know they're one day going to be. You were the one who convinced me of the joys of Lois/Bruce. I may try my hand at writing them one day. With a side of Collie of course. ;) We'll have to see!

This lovely icon was made by mauveilous . She has made several Chlark/pro-Chloe icons too so it's not she's a hater. And god knows I'm not. I think it is simple and gets across my point on the theory. An icon is just an icon. It represents the users feelings on ships, characters, etc. Sometimes it's just to get a good laugh. People make Chlois icons ... why can't I have one that shows that I'm not for the Chlois theory? In name alone, she's NOT Lois. She's not ... she's Chloe. So I don't feel bad using it. It's not saying that she's bad for being Chloe ... it's just that she's not Lois. That's my personal belief.

This hot icon was made by chaotic4life . I love Clark/Oliver ... I've made my OTP no secret. Those two look so good in this icon and the black and white effects were just awesome. Oliver in that white suit was what made me love him in the first place. I mean, how many people can pull off all white? He's gorgeous and so is Clark. Too bad they can't get him out of his red shirt/blue jacket/jeans combo more often.

iconaddict  made this pretty one. It was in the first batch of Clark/Ollie icons I found and I was very excited to see them. I tend to write a little bit of drama in my fics and I like my icons to match something that is going on in the chapter. So I like an icon with Ollie looking a little sad and walking away from Clark. Plus, I really love that shirt on Oliver.

This was made by jillicons . I was looking for Wonder Woman icons and I stumbled up on this in some DC community. I thought it was hilarious and I had to have it! I figured I can use it when people are going crazy over some stupid thing or the other. ;)

houseofel  made this one. I have gotten into Clark/Bruce and a lot of it is Superman Returns/Batman Begins. I figured I needed an appropriate icon for commenting on those fics and she just had so many beautiful ones! So I snagged this. :D

This was made by jadeicons . I love Madhuri Dixit. Even when I was a little girl, I used to watch this song she was in over and over again, according to my parents. She's beautiful and I wanted an icon with her in it. Nachle means dance in Hindi.

iconaddict  made this one and it's still one of my favorites. I love the expression on Clark's face and I love the idea of him thinking of Ollie. 'Cause you know it's what he does all the time. Really. At least in my world. ;)
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