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7.14 "Traveler" Review

Better late than never? I think that's how it works in this case. I finally got around to seeing "Traveler" and that's only cuz I wanted to see Smallville tonight and not have to play this game again. Besides, if i can, I should. I watched and I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm going to do my review a little differently this time because I'm sure by now, everyone is sick of Traveler reviews. That's what happens when you're late. :) I'll try to be brief but I know I'm not very good at that  so I'm not going to promise anything.

We'll go by characters instead of scene by scene. Hopefully that will shorten it.

Let's start out with Lana. I was not annoyed by her in this episode but then again, there wasn't much to be annoyed with. She was actually really tolerable and she was using her resources, not coming out with any random talents. Of course there was her hacking skills but that can be overlooked. She worked well with Chloe, didn't freak out when she found out that Chloe knew about the Fortress and the key. Because she knew the end goal was getting Clark back safe and sound and she was good. I was surprised that she just suddenly seemed to disappear though. I figured she may show up once later. It is her boyfriend that's in danger. They did that in "Fracture". Do they just assume we won't notice?

Hi, Goughlar ... guess what? We notice.

Either way, Lana wasn't really there long enough to notice. I do like how she got the secret passages. That seemed very realistic. Well as realistic as Smallville can get.

Chloe was very cute but she also seemed to disappear. But her timing was a little better. I liked how protective she was of Clark and how she said she'd climb Mt Everest for him. she worked well with Lana and she was awesome as she took Kara to the Fortress. Honestly, I was worried about the scene where she said "I love your son" because I've been hearing so much about it but ferdalump, you were right. And that's all there is to it.

She was very cute though. I always like Chloe and her being there for Clark was wonderful. How she immediately clued on to things and worked to find him was perfect. I wish we could've seen her somewhere closer to the end but I guess it might've been out of place. But it's still odd that the two characters who worked so hard to find him just disappeared after he was safe.

Speaking of the one who saved him though, Kara. I was worried about Kara when she agreed to the treatment but I knew that Lex really wouldn't find out anything. I was happy when she got her memory back and I liked how she saved Clark. The whole "How could I have ever forgotten you" made me smile. Maybe it was just me but I really *want* to like her. It's just the show is making that hard. Is it so wrong that I want Clark to have some actual family, someone to stand by his side? He just seems so alone.

And he was really wonderful in this episode. He did a lot of writhing in pain but he was very strong. His whole "Come out and face me" bit ... I was proud of Clark and of Tom. Tom did a great job. Not only did he look pretty but he acted well. How can anyone say he's a bad actor? I can't believe that.

I felt really bad for him. Not only for the being trapped in the cell but the poor guy is just living his life, minding own business and he gets attacked in his own home. That's awful.

His interactions with the different characters were good. He was sweet with Kara and I liked him giving her the bracelet back. That was good. And his dialogue with Patricia was good too. How he was worried about not meeting everyone's expectations ... I just wanted to hug him.

However, his whole "I want to see the good in people but I think the Luthors are a lost cause" had me shaking my head. It was a moment in "Fracture" which I feel they ruined. Nobody can blame Clark for feeling that way, especially after having his worst nightmare come true and at the hands of one of those Luthors but it's still just something I wished they hadn't had him say.

The confrontation with Lionel was nice though ... as I said, Clark was great in this episode. Yay Clark!

Let's move on to the Luthors, starting with Lionel. He's confusing. I mean, they try to show him as a redeemed man but then we see he still has some MB (magnificent bastard, if the term is unfamiliar to you) in him. We saw him interact with Patricia and how he dismissed her. He had Clark put in a kryptonite cage and the fact that it was there from the moment he learned the big secret had to say something.

He wants to be good but does he have in him to be good? Clark doesn't think so anymore. I am not sure on what to think of him.

And the younger Luthor ... Lex is unredeemable. I scoff at those of you who try to justify him. His monitoring Kara's room invalidates whatever he said to Clark in "Wrath", about blaming him for Lana. He's the one who taught Lana about the video surveillance so he shouldn't be surprised it came back to haunt him and she was trying to pull the same tricks. If anyone is to blame, it's him.

He had someone killed for the second time in recent episodes and he feels he deserves answers, which I don't think he does. I'm really glad Clark never told him his secret. It was better for him for sure. Lex pulled all the same lines he pulled on Clark, the whole "trust him" bit but this time, there wasn't even a hint of affection. It was all manipulation and I'm glad he failed.

I am wondering if anything will come from that locket though. Patricia's locket ... I wondered what was in it. The creepy way he was just cleaning up her blood off the locket made me shiver though.

I really liked Patricia Swann ... I was sad when she was killed off. It was amusing at how she was able to play the Luthors to get what she wanted and she was properly horrified at seeing Clark in a cage. Her last scene with Clark was perfect. Their conversation was good and I liked her wanting to be there for him. It's too bad that anyone who could possibly be a support for Clark, SV feels the need to kill off. That sucks.

The creepy guy, Pierce, deserves a mention too. He, I was not sad to see dead. Pierce embodies all of Clark's worst fears. Has all the hate and disgust that Clark worries that people will feel toward him when they discover the truth. I thought it was rather interesting to have him say to Lionel that he's "not his son", like it's a bad thing. That's the opposite of what we're used to hearing, isn't it?

Either way, I was happy to see him die. Good riddance jerk.

Overall, it was a good episode. Much better than I expected. I was hearing mixed opinions from my flist and I'm glad I watched it. I like the whole Veritas thing though it brings up several questions to me. First of which, does Ollie know that his parents were killed by Lionel?

I shall be catching up with my flist's reviews. I don't know who wrote a review so if you're not voldything, bop_radar or jeannev and you wrote a review, could you let me know?

I'm looking forward to Veritas tonight and you'll actually get a timely review!

Hope you all enjoy Smallville tonight! I have it in an hour and a half so I'll catch up with you all later!
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