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7.15 "Veritas" Review

I watched today's Smallville and here's my review!

That was a really mediocre episode. This is what happens when I get my hopes up for Smallville. After "Traveler", I thought it would be okay. Boy, was I wrong.

The Lois lover in me was happy to see her back and digging up stories but really, my love for her and how awesome she and Jimmy were working together was one of the highlights of the episode.

Now back to the rest and let's start from the beginning. Bear with me.

We opened with Kara working outside. The Kent Farm certainly has a lot of horses and they kept pointing the camera back to a certain owl, which flies into the barn when Kara turns her back. I think we're supposed to realize it's not an ordinary owl. Smallville, subtle you are not. Kara hears barking and that's our sign that Shelby still exists. That poor dog ... he just shows up once in a while. Kara, already having developed her cousin's knack of not using his super powers to check out what's going on, enters the barn. What do you know? There's a creeping shadow and she turns around to find herself face-to-face with Milton Fine. Well, hello there Braniac. I forgot about you.

Braniac tries to get her to work with him by reminding her about how things used to be on Krypton and how he could help her get that back. She's not convinced, proclaiming that she's been used before and she won't be fooled. When she doesn't budge, he gets aggressive but before he can do anything, everyone's favorite Boy Scout comes in to save the day, pushing him away from her.

They go outside after him to see where he fell and he gives them a warning and flies off.

After we go through our credits, we're back to the farm, where Kara wants answers. Clark tells her that it's a computer and she quickly deduces that it's Braniac. Nice work team. Clark briefly tells her about his past encounter with Braniac and wonders if Zor-El was in league with Zod, which Kara says he wasn't and that Zod was the only thing the brothers agreed on. Kara decided that there is one advantage Braniac has and we know what she's referring to.

The Lois-Jimmy team is on high today. I do wonder where Lois found out that Patricia Swann was murdered, though it had been covered up as a drowning. Either way, she got the autopsy and since Jimmy was around, they decided to work together to figure out Patricia Swann's death. And if Lex is still monitoring all the computers, wouldn't he have that picture by now?

Of course he doesn't. Instead, we get him and his assistant, who assures him that all the tracks are covered up and nobody knows he has the locket. Who is that woman anyway? I keep referring to her as the assistant. Does she have a name I missed out on? She is curious to know why he says he has been searching for answers his entire life when he only found out about Veritas recently. He tells her he always knew his father was hiding something from him and he has blocked off the years before the meteor shower. Lately, though he's been getting flashbacks of his childhood.

And we get one! It's of all the kids playing and look, quiet__tiger, we get our answer! For once! Jason and Oliver are there too, Ollie being all too identifiable with his blond hair and bow and arrow. Interesting how they played together as children but Ollie was the bully in high school. Things do change. They drag Patricia into playing with them and they all play hide and seek.

I'm glad they have the same actor for little Lex ... he's so cute. He goes and hides in a closet and he ends up overhearing a conversation between his father and two men who are identified as Robert Queen and Edward Teague. They're all arguing about some envelope and Robert says they shouldn't take any action until they know if the traveler is actually dangerous. As Dr. Swann comes in, Lex sees Robert Queen holding a key.

Back to the present, where Lex is now holding the key. He gives it to the assistant and tells her to find out who the safety deposit box owner is. When she says it may take a while, he says the box is located in Zurich.

We move to Lionel who is walking down the hall, right past a plant and two workers. Oh wait, those aren't workers. They're Lois and Jimmy, wearing matching green tops to ... camaflouge with the plants? Who knows? I just thought it was cute though. They follow Lionel into his office and Lois starts demanding answers with Jimmy snapping pictures like he's a member of the paparazzi.

Lionel tries to dismiss them but they do have some proof. I have to give it to them when they bring up the locket. Looks like they did their research! He calls security on them and they are forced to leave but Lionel looks shaken. He pulls out a chain he's wearing and the locket holds a key matching the one that Lex had. Interesting.

We don't find out why there's more than one key just yet. First we have to go back to Clark and Kara who is trying to get him to fly. It's a futile effort, as Clark resists, saying that they shouldn't waste time on powers he doesn't yet have. Kara relents, deciding she can cover the air and he can take the ground but he insists it is not that easy, telling her how Chloe had been working overtime to find Braniac but he just shows up sporadically. The two of them know that his power source is not the sun but it's some type of energy.

Now we get an appearance by Lana. Unfortunately, what I didn't know is that it wouldn't be a brief one. She's at Isis and all the computers start freaking out. Hmm . .. I wonder what it could be? </sarcastic> She tries to mess with one of the computers when Braniac's face shows up on the computer. She spins around and there he is. He does something weird with his fingers and sending them into her head and at this point, my sister is like "why are you watching this?" I, sadly, couldn't give her an answer.

Someone ought to figure out how much screen time the Daily Planet globe gets. Because I'm thinking a lot.

Clark picks up the paper that details Swann's mysterious death and demands answers from Chloe as soon as she walks in. She doesn't know what he's talking about but she soon finds out. So did Lois and Jimmy break the story? Is it ever specified? Or did someone else write it up?

Nobody gives me my answers. Instead, Clark goes on his guilt trip, wondering whether Patricia died protecting his secret. Fortunately, Chloe cuts him off. It was better for everyone involved. She tries to find out something and I'm wondering if her computer is being watched. Or did Lex just give that up after the whole virus thing? More questions and yet, no answers.

She details several power issues and lo and behold, there is one in Metropolis near the Isis foundation. Clark goes off to save Lana and he finds Lionel instead, writing a note.

He immediately is all accusations and Lionel tries to defend himself. It's all in vain because Clark believes he killed Patricia Swann. I can understand Clark's anger. I mean, he was locked up in a cage and Lionel was behind it. Lionel tries to give him a key but Clark's not listening. Once he finds out from Lionel that the receptionist told him that Lana had a visitor and left, he was gone.

Lionel is still leaving a note though and he had been choking and looking funny through the conversation, with the camera continually pointing to the letter and the cup of tea next to it. I wonder what's up with him.

Clark runs back to the farm, where he looks around for Lana and is relieved to see her in the kitchen. Until he actually sees her and finds out that she is holding a hot pan by the handle and her hands are all bruised and bloody. He turns her around and her eyes are all weird and glazed. Like Lionel's whenever he was being possessed in season 5.  Clark is worried and this is when Kara chooses to arrive. She sees Lana and realizes this is because of her. The guilt complex is a Kryptonian thing apparently.

Lana gets a piece of paper and writes down symbols, which Clark translates to be "Deliver Kara, Daily Planet". Clark's trying to get through to Lana and Kara speeds out, knowing what she has to do.

Lois and Jimmy have found Isis, having tracked Lionel down. Lois says that this was where he went next and with a bit of snooping, they find the stuff that Lionel left for Lana. She opens the envelope and finds a note, telling Lana that he didn't kill Patricia and pleads for her to help him. Another picture has the driver with Lex and Lois knows that it's Lex who had Patricia Swann killed. Lois is great in this episode!

Lex and the assistant again. He is upset when she can't give him answers, telling her to buy off whoever is stopping them. Well, Al Quaida is stopping them so they can't "buy them off". She says that they need a second key and Lex flashbacks.

The flashback entails Lex spying on his father when a man goes to see him. We get proof that Lionel ordered the hit on the Queens and the key they had was stolen from them. Lionel pockets it and he comes out to see little Lex, who he says he is taking to Smallville. Little Lex looks so happy at the attention that my heart breaks. I just love that kid. He always makes me want to hug him.

Adult Lex is satisfied at knowing where the key is.

Clark has noticed Kara left and tracked her down to the rooftop of the Planet. He tries to talk her out of this but her mind is made up. She says it is the only way to save Lana and Braniac arrives. He only knows how to reverse what is done to Lana, the damage beyond what human technology can repair. To add insult to injury, he says that Lana is in excruciating pain, just can't verbalize it because he controls her every word and action. Kara, despite Clark's protests, goes with Braniac, flying off, him behind her, leaving Clark alone.

Lionel tries to get through to Chloe but she doesn't believe him either. He even gets on his knees and begs, which is shocking how things have changed. It's to no avail. She just walks out on him, not falling for his lines about how being Jor-El's vessel changed him.

The ending scene is in the hospital, where Chloe tells Clark that she can't find Braniac. Shouldn't they at least got him to cure Lana before Kara handed herself over? The doctor comes and says Clark can see Lana, which he does. She's just sitting there motionless and he tries to get through to her but fails. Suddenly, she says "Kal-El" and repeats it, ending with a "You're too late, Kal-El". Poor Clark. That sucks.

He closes her eyes, unable to bear it and just sits there and cries. Chloe comes to see him and watches from afar, tearing up too.

Depressing ending, no?

This episode just felt boring. I don't feel like much happened.

I liked how they're taking Lois though. I don't care what they whiners will say. She is getting on her path, going where she's supposed to be. Working with Jimmy, digging up leads, snooping out information. So she doesn't work with Clark. She's not supposed to! Lois Lane will be independent and work solo, which is why getting a partner one day will upset her so much! Go Lois! I support you completely.

Little Ollie with his bow and arrow was cute. Tom was lovely as always. Everyone did well in their respective roles. I am glad this wasn't the season finale though. It definitely did not feel like one.

Next episode is on April 17th! Catch you all then!
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