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Plans for Season 8

I hope I am not raising my expectations for nothing.

Though I've seen this in a couple of places, I heard more info from cloiser_trish, who posted it here. I'm requoting what she has.

Theres a new article at SciFi Wire located here:

It talks about next season and heres what it says specifically:

Peterson was willing to share a few spoilers about the next season. "The things I think I can hint at are the Lois and Clark of it all," he said, referring to the 1990s Superman-themed series that ran on ABC. "It's really going to be a season about Lois [Erica Durance] and Clark [Tom Welling]."

Now of course, we were all skeptical, it being Aprils fool's Day and whatnot, it could have been some gag, cause it sounds a little, no, more than a little too good to be true... so one of the members at DI helped us out.

Thanks to achtungbecca:

Gang, I think the story is 100% legit.

I googled the author of the story, found her personal website (she's apparently a photoshop expert, so I may have sucked up a bit, too)and sent her a quick email asking if the story was real and this is the response I just got:

No. It's no gag. The show has been picked up for an 8th season (along with Supernatural for another season). And the exec producer did tell me that Lois and Clark would be the focus. Those are exact quotes from him. He's been with the show since season 2. So if it is a gag, it's on both of us ;-).

This could be big! I don't trust Goughlar with Clois and I really don't want to see it happen on the show because I want them to get together after he's Superman. But if it means more Clois interaction, count me in!
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