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150th Episode spoilers

I found some spoilers on the 150th episode, which will be directed by Tom Welling,  on the smallville and clois comms.

Question: Any scoop on the 150th episode of Smallville? — Todd
Ausiello: It's airing on May 1, it's being directed by Tom Welling, it features the return of James Marsters as Braniac, and, according to exec producer Al Gough, it's another one of those alt-reality romps, only this time "Clark has to look at a world where potentially he never crash-landed on Earth. It's basically a version that could have happened — and if Brainiac has his way, it will happen." 

Question: I really need some good Smallville scoop involving Lois and Clark. C'mon, help me out here. — Nora
Ausiello: Help is on the way! In the aforementioned 150th episode, we'll get our first glimpse of Clark sporting an iconic Superman look. What does that have to do with Lois, you ask? Well, Ms. Lane's responsible for the wardrobe change! 

Question: Will Kristin Kreuk be back for any more episodes this season? And do you have any major news about the season finale? — Joel
Ausiello: KK will be in some, but not all, of this season's remaining episodes, as she's currently in Thailand shooting Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. Regarding the finale, I can tell you that the final scene(s) very much involve Lex finding some important pieces of the Superman puzzle. Hint: The title of the episode is "Arctic."

I'm trying not to get excited but they're making it so hard on me!
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