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Smallville Spoilers

These have been going around the flist and are from kryptonsite about 7.18 "Apocalypse".

Ausiello also reveals that Chloe is engaged in this alternate universe that Clark encounters. He's keeping mum about who she is engaged to, but we can tell you that it's not Jimmy, and it's not Pete, either.
- Ausiello also reveals that Lex "will have a fancy new job with an even fancier new office. And if it's a major clue your after, look no further than your season one DVD." Sounds to us like we may be seeing President Lex...

My thoughts are that she's engaged to Lex. I really believe it. Some people like to think it's Ollie but I highly doubt it. Justin has not made plans to come back this season and unless it's just them talking about her being engaged to him, I don't think they're going there.

It'll be interesting to see though.

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