svgurl (svgurl) wrote,

I'm probably crazy ...

But normal is highly overrated, right?

What makes me crazy this time?

Well, I signed up for svmadelyn's 4th Annual Cliche/Kink Multi-Fandom Challenge.

I just got my prompt. It's "Our friends are running a book (betting) on us".

Yeech ... I'm kinda nervous. I'm debating whether to do a Clark/Oliver or a Clark/Lois.

Then again, I heard that 12days_of_clois is going to be running a new challenge soon enough so maybe I'll stick to Collie this time around and sign up for that to get my Clois fill?

Wish me luck!

Oh, and sign ups for the challenge are until April 18th if anyone else is interested! Stories are due on May 26th.
Tags: cliche/kink challenge

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