svgurl (svgurl) wrote,

Meme: Top 10 Tags

snagged from flareonfury


1.) Go to your manage tags page.
2.) Sort the list by usage if it isn't already
3.) List the top 10 tags and how many entries are tagged with each one
4.) When applicable/needed, explain what the tag means

My 10:

1. Smallville (223)
2. Clark/Oliver (159)
3. Slash (155)
4. Fanfic (154)
5. Collie (153)
6. Meme (65)
7. Quiz (51)
8. Challenge: fanfic 100 (29)
9. Story: Never Say Goodbye (23)
10. Story: Accidentally In Love (21)

I guess it's obvious where MY priorities lie. ;)
Tags: meme

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