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7.16 "Descent" Review

After a hiatus, Smallville and we're into the post writer's strike episodes. Here we go again!

I have to admit I lost track of time and missed the first two minutes so I got in when Lionel and Lex were talking. Am I the only one who is almost amused every time I see Lionel begging Lex to be good? Well, I suppose it is not as amusing as it is sad. It's interesting to see how the show has changed and the characters have changed as the years progressed. Besides the Lana love, I mean. That doesn't change.

The conversation was intense, Lionel telling Lex he'll go over the edge and Lex having a gun. Lex knows that there needs to be two keys and that Lionel has the other one. He does shoot the glass behind Lionel and gets the key, telling him he figured that the only person Lionel would trust is Lionel. Snatching the key, he declares that nobody will remember him and pushes him out of the window.

Lionel is dead and all before the credits!

The first thing we see upon going back to the show is everyone's favorite dynamic duo. Chloe is trying to track down Braniac and Kara but she can't find anything. Clark is getting more frustrated. He insists she check the power facilities but before she can, there is chaos within the Planet. Lois tells them that someone jumped from their window in Luthorcorp and it is rumored that it is Lionel. Chloe gets ready to go but Clark seems a bit hesitant. When she pushes him, he does go.

Lex is already there, garnering sympathy though. He lies and says that he is in his office and identifies the body. Everything gets dizzy for him and he sees Alexander. I really like that kid. I'm glad they brought him back. Turning around again, he sees Clark, who is behind the lines but following him anyway. As Lex disappears, Clark is watching him suspiciously.

Chloe is back again and those two do have a lot of interaction in this episode. She says how Lionel left a lot of damage behind but Clark is not convinced he committed suicide. He then informs her that Lionel was determined to give him something, a locket but Chloe dismisses it, not understanding what a locket could do with this. If you only knew Chloe. Since it's her, she'll find out sometime soon.

We're back to Lex and his assistant comes in, offering her condolences. Lex tells her about a trip he took with his father to Washington DC. He does have some strange memories. She puts her hand on his shoulder and spots the locket, asking him how he got it. We see her figure things out and she immediately says how Lionel was a "cruel, sadistic man" and when Lex questions what she means, she promises nobody will ever find out. Lex really got himself a good minion this time. Taking the locket, we all learn that its empty and there's no key. Lex tells her, "I asked you to keep an eye on him Gina" and we FINALLY learn the woman's name! I was getting tired of calling her the assistant. She's actually useful and says Lionel was last spotted at the DP basement so Lex tells her to get the helicopter ready.

Alexander returns and says that he shouldn't have done it. Lex once again ignores him. I have a bad feeling at this point about Alexander's future.

During the commercials, there was an ad for "Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton". So last season, it was the "Justice League chronicles" and the "Green Arrow chronicles" and now this? Apparently, it will help us figure out Kara's past. Whatever.

The show came back and we have Clark standing in Lionel's office. He walks into the safe and looks around and he's about to leave when he stops. Turning around again, he sees a metal bar with symbols on them, which light up when he picks them up. He spins it around to form a message and the top part glows. When he aims it at a wall, a message comes ... from Lionel, who has words from beyond the grave. Lionel tells him how his greatest accomplishment was protecting Clark. I have no comment. This is also how he learns about the keys and Lionel says that whoever gets ahold of it can control him. Trouble ahead for sure.

Speaking of trouble makers, here is where Lois and Jimmy come in. Lois is frustrated that there's stuck in the Daily Planet office when there is action going on outside but Jimmy wants her to be patient. He shows her that Lex's office has a view of Lionel's and shows her pictures that Lionel was not alone in his office. But his computer is not powerful enough to analyze it. That's when Lois suggests the Isis foundation. Jimmy wants to bring in Chloe but he is doubtful that she'll leave Clark's side. Lois assures him that she'll want in because they share the same DNA. See, LOIS is awesome! She loves working with her cousin.

Jimmy and Lois working together is fun. Apparently, Aaron Ashmore said that he wants Jimmy and Lois to work together more. We do too Aaron!

circulartime, I was actually thinking of you with the abundance of Jimmy-Lois scenes in this episode.

Where is Chloe? Well, she's at the DP too, near her desk. She finds a tiny envelope and discovers the key. Hearing footsteps, she puts the key back in her desk, which is a bad place really. I would've put it in her purse or something. But then again, she doesn't have that much time. Then she shreds the envelope, it disappearing as Lex shows up.

She tells him she's sorry for her dad's death but he's quick to get to business. He says he knows Lionel came to see her and he says that in his state, he may have given her a "family heirloom". Chloe just says that Lionel was acting odd and he didn't give her anything. Lex persists, asking if she checked her desk and she is insistent that he didn't give her anything. He opens the drawer and finds the key, saying that it was Lionel's.

Chloe said if she knew it was his, she would've given it to him. Lex tries to find out if she knows what it is but Chloe won't reveal anything. And she's fired. He has security escort her out and she's screaming for her stuff but he said he will mail it to her. That's when Gina shows up, all proud that "they did it". Gina tells Lex to get rest and that she will pack up the stuff so Lex leaves. She goes to the desk and that's when she finds Chloe's phone and sees the text message from Jimmy.

Jimmy, who is dealing with an impatient Lois. She says there is no point in waiting, claiming that they have left messages for Chloe and text messages and Chloe will meet them there. Jimmy tells her he thinks they should wait, as she opens the door. And who is standing there but Gina with a gun, saying she agrees. I'm almost impressed with Lex ... he really hired a good one this time.

Lois recognizes Gina as working for Lex and she just says she wants the picture, not wanting there to be craziness after such tragedy. While Gina talks, Lois tries to open a door and attempts to knock her out but she gets shot. They are forced to tell her about the Isis foundation, where the pictures are and she locks them in a room, saying she'll come back for them.

Chloe and Clark are already at the Isis foundation though, as Chloe has heard the messages. They don't think too much about Jimmy and Lois not being there. Clark tells her about the message and the key and Chloe admits that Lex has it. Chloe says that she will keep searching and Clark leaves.

He goes to the Luthor mansion and finds the lockets but no key. As he is getting out of the office, Lex shows up, making a comment about how his father is barely dead and he's already breaking in. Clark has no sympathy for him though and they have an intense discussion. Alexander tries to plead with Lex, saying Clark is their friend, but he's again not listening to him. There are accusations all around, talks of the father and I was really annoyed when Lex finally outright blamed Clark for what he's become.

It's my major pet peeve with this show. Clark didn't owe Lex anything, not his secrets or anything. Lex was an adult when they first met while Clark was barely fifteen. I don't care what anyone says, age does play a huge part. Lex was a legal adult and if he was dumb enough to place his moral compass in the hands of a teenager, that's his problem.

Anyway, I digress ... back to the episode. Lex brings up his father's interactions with Clark and wonders what they would have in common. Clark brushes it off by saying that he just trusted him. This is where Lex goes off on how Clark is the perfect son, etc but then wonders why Jonathan Kent had so many heart problems. Clark is furious at the insinuation that he was to cause for his father's death (the poor guy has blamed himself already so many times!) and says how he knows Lionel was killed by Lex. When Lex tells him he's delusional, Clark says he has proof and storms out.

Back at the Isis foundation, Chloe has found proof but Gina knocks her out, taking the moment to delete the picture. She moves to go but she hears Clark's voice. Clark gets to Chloe as she's stirring and they both talk, unaware that Gina is listening. They spill information like how the key can control him. They wonder about Jimmy and Lois and realize that the person who knocked her out could've trapped them. So Clark superspeeds out and of course, Gina sees all this.

The Lois/Jimmy scene is kind of funny. I thought it was cute how he was telling her that after they get out of there, they're going to be a great team and epic and whatnot. When Smallville drops hints, they go for anvils, don't they? They should really look up subtle. Either way, they're an amusing pair.

Clark does show up and using his superhearing, he tracks them down. He uses his heat vision to warm them up and then superspeeds away. 

Gina is stepping out, calling Lex and saying how she knows what they're looking for and she knows who the traveler is. She is cut off when some man shows up behind her and sprays something in her mouth, immobilizing her. Who is this guy and who is he working for? He puts her in a car and leaves here there.

Lex is on the phone with someone else, saying that he is going to take some time off after the funeral. Where is he going? Zurich. Alexander returns and says how Lex can't get rid of him. He insists that there is some good in Lex and that he'll always have him. Lex goes psycho and drags that kid down and he declares that he's his weakness. Then he shoves him in the fireplace!

Anyone who can tell me Lex is still good ... I shall laugh in your delusional faces. He killed that kid! I mean, we all knew it may happen but he actually did it. Now he's a complete psycho.

We get a loft scene where Clark is staring at his dad's picture. Chloe shows up and he moves into self-pity mode, saying how he was to blame for everyone's death. How they all died saving him- Jor-El, his dad and Lionel too. Chloe says that each of those men added something to what he is. Apparently, Clark was the only one invited to the funeral and Clark says that Lionel deserves better, which was kind of a WTF moment. Clark can't understand how Lex killed his father and Chloe says that some say that is the definition of evil.

The final scene is at the grave, where both Lex and Clark are standing face to face. Lex walks away and Clark repeats the whole taking a handful of dirt and putting it over the grave, which I really didn't like because I feel that took away from "Reckoning" and Jonathan.

Overall, the episode was okay. Lex did sink into evil and I thought him killing Alexander was sad but important.

It was nice to have a Lana-free episode though.

Next week looks interesting though!

See you all then!

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