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7.18 "Apocalyse" News

Thanks to the clois comm, I found some lovely spoilers.

Another description for "Apocalypse"

james marsters brainiac is back, and as his decious plan to take over earth continues to unfold, Clark is having a pity party. "Since the day I arrived, all I've brought is suffering and death," he frets in this weeks 150th episode of smallville. "meteor freaks, phantoms, brainiac. If I never reached earth, none of them wouldve ever been here." Right on cue, his own version of it's a wonderful life plays out when his kryptonian dad, jor-el, enables the future superman to experience what would have happened had his rocket ship never landed in kansas. In this alternate reality, Lois is a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter for the daily planet, and lex is president. needless to say things are not better on earth without clark, and to save the world from apocolypse, he teams up with lois--evoking some classic superman mythology moments, including a newsroom collision between the future lovers reminciscent of Christopher Reeve and Margot kidders meet-cute-and-clumsy from superman:the movie, says executive producer al gough "this just proves that no matter what the reality is, clark and lois are destined to be with each other."

And cloiser_trish has stills from the episode here. OMG! I'm so excited!!!
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