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Damn You Apocalyse

I really want Clois. Lots of it. Those damn spoilers have Clois-ified my brain effectively.

And there is this stupid song that I can't help but play on repeat nowadays.

It's called "Rush" by Jay Sean.

Here are the lyrics and the link takes you to the song.

It's been a while since the last time that I saw you girl
Why is it that you just run away
What is it that you don't wanna say
See girl I know your type
Never can seem to just settle down
Coz you're in search of those butterflies
Isn't that why you keep walking in and out of my life

I won't complain, if you won't stay
Go ahead and play those games
Coz I know that in time no doubt
You'll come around
But just for now

Baby don't you rush
Girl we got the whole night
Touch caress and make love all night
Take it take it from me
Wake me before you leave [x2]

I don't know, is it me? Am I imagining?
Tell me girl, don't you feel anything?
When you're here lying beside of me
And now you're telling me
That it's late and you just gotta go
Why is it that you only wanna leave
At the point that you think that you might be falling in love

I won't complain
If you won't stay
Go ahead and play those games

[Chorus (x2)]

Something in the way you walk
When you go and turn your back on me
Tell me what you're trying to prove
When you get your things and leave
You can try to hide the truth
I don't buy the things you say
I know you'll be back again
That's why I'm never standing in your way

[Chorus (x6)]

I really want Clois fic to that song. Where Lois doesn't want to fall in love with Clark but can't keep her hands off him. She doesn't let herself fall in love but Clark is persistent and he knows she'll be back for more every time she takes off.

At times like this, I wish I could write smut.
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