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7.17 "Sleeper" Review

If my roommate had her way, I would not be watching Smallville anymore. She doesn't understand and she thinks it's just nuttiness. But she was rather nice in letting me watch my show and skipping Scrubs. We compromise. ;)

Thank God she was out of the room for most of this episode because I was wondering what the hell I was watching. I'm dying to see jeannev's screen time calculations because I can already tell Clark's ST must be insanely low. Call this the Chloe and Jimmy episode. Because it really was all about them.

I mean, I know that they made Jimmy a regular but they obviously didn't know what to do with him, besides the crappy Chloe/Jimmy/Kara triangle. If you ask me, they realized the season is almost over and he's not there much, hence the reason he keeps showing up.

This episode was painful. No wonder they have previews for "Arctic" last week instead of this. Nothing they could've done would've made this one look enticing. I mean, we start off with some random party and then they do this little travel thing through a vent where someone is sneaking in an all black costume and a ski mask. He drops behind some dude and tasers him to get his briefcase. The suitcase opens with the guy's eye apparently and ski mask guy gets away. In the elevator, we find out that it's Jimmy Olsen. Looks like he's changing his last name to Bond?

Just a few minutes in and I'm already wondering WTF I'm watching.

When we come back after the credits and the commercials, we see it go 14 hours earlier. Oh, it's one of those episodes. They tend to use this tactic a lot, don't they?

Someone is making breakfast and lo and behold, it's Jimmy again! He's making Chloe breakfast ... that's kind of sweet. She shows up and says that she is running late. He tries to get her to stay but she brushes him off. Apparently, she was late coming home the previous night. Jimmy tells her how he's trying to put the spark back in their relationship but she's not helping. We find out Chloe is working at the Isis foundation and is really busy but promises to buy him lunch to make up for it.

Why do we have to keep having Chloe-Jimmy relationship problems? If they want to put them together, can't they just be happy? 'Cuz really ... nobody cares.

Chloe leaves and we find out that someone brunette woman is watching them.

We move to Chloe and Clark. Ooh, did we just get an Oliver mention? Clark is killing me though. He keeps mentioning and even says "the only thing that matters is Lana". Chloe tries to get him to focus on the fact that Lex could get the keys but he's moping. In fact, he spent the previous night with Lana. How did I know this was going to happen? Even though she's not there, she's still there.

They have to find Braniac of course and so Clark can save his precious Lana. Clark suggest satellites but Chloe tells him that she can't exactly break into government satellites. He says he knows she can but I'm wondering why can't they just ask Oliver? I thought that his satellites were so good that they survived Dark Thursday when nobody else could. Oh Smallville, your lack of continuity hurts my head.

Now we go back to Jimmy, who is at the Talon. He's playing video games and he runs into this lady. Same one who was watching them. and she's from the FBI. Wonderful. Jimmy is caught off guard when he says that there has been hacking from his computer. He insists it wasn't him but he trails off before he realizes he is blabbing on Chloe. The woman is already onto Chloe, saying she is working for some terrorist group.

This is the main plot and really, it's so boring. My roommate, at this point, is pretty much confused why I'm watching and while talking to her, I miss the conversation. I'm sure I didn't miss much. Probably the woman wants them to help catch Chloe and Jimmy is set to prove them all wrong.

Jimmy tracks Chloe to Isis and when she sees him, she realizes she forgot about lunch. He suggests she didn't get his reminder text and she claims her phone was on silent. Unfortunately, it goes off and we find a text from Clark. She lies and says that it's her building manager, who wants to talk about rent. Jimmy is suspicious but allows her to usher them out.

Lex! You're back. He's looking at his passport and there are the words that Lionel had put there. How sentimental. </sarcasm> A man in a suit enters saying that they can't leave for Zurich because of the government.

And we have Jimmy again. There is far too much of you, buddy, You're amusing enough but I don't watch this show for you. He breaks into Isis and gets into her computer. Wouldn't Chloe protect her stuff? Or can anyone hack into a computer nowadays? I was shocked he installed some spyware there. He's first convinced there's nothing there but he finds something.

Chloe is with her best friend, oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend is snooping. Clark insists there is a new page in his book. Chloe is disbelieving but Clark insists that he knows this. "You do realize that your greatest power is to win me over with just one look, no matter how crazy you sound?" How cute. Clark says the text is distorted or something but it says to save Lana, which confuses Chloe further. Clark decides to go to Jor-El and says that he will go up against him if it means saving Lana. Yawn.

Clark is in the barn, finding his key but then Jimmy shows up. Clark says he's about to go but he ends up staying. Jimmy talks about a friend who keeps secret and of course, Clark thinks it's him but Jimmy lets it out that it's a "she". He is repeating Lois's lines from "Hydro" with the whole someone you care about hiding stuff ... are they reusing scripts and not thinking we'll notice? Hi, we notice. Clark asks him if knowing everything is more important or if he can just trust her because of his feelings. Something like that. This show is not really getting my attention. 

We get the Fortress and Clark asks Jor-El about Lana. Kara's distorted voice fills the room and he can't really make out what she's saying. He looks around to see where it's coming from but he gets no answers. I could make out Braniac, Krypton and something about Clark.

Chloe is using her mad hacking skills and has found a lead. She also discovers that Jimmy is spying on her. Uh, oh ... trouble in paradise. Well, there already is but now, even more trouble.

Jimmy is leaving a message on Chloe's phone that he screwed up but the FBI agent comes back, saying that he should not do that, unless he wants them both to get arrested. Jimmy tries to lie and says he found nothing but the spyware he has installed has picked up what she's doing. She says that Chloe will call him and invite him to the club and she gives him a bow tie, saying that it has a camera in there. He has to watch her and find whatever she's looking for first.

Our next scene is Chloe and Jimmy at the club, both of them suspicious of one another, making side comments about Chloe's sudden free night and Jimmy's ability to get a tux quickly. She asks him to get her a drink and he sees her on her phone. He comes back to her and he does something to her phone behind her back. Something is copying and he needs to distract her so he sweeps her off to dance.

This is where it gets so ridiculous. Their dancing is completely nutty ... this show just keeps getting worse and worse. I can't believe that I'm watching. So the data transfer is complete and thank god, so is this dance.

I can't count the amount of times that I have checked the time during this episode because this is just painful.

Jimmy lies and says that he forgot to give the valet his keys (how does that work?) and he takes his phone slyly. Chloe says to take his time and she goes into the elevator once he's gone.

Chloe finds and breaks into the computer frame. Jimmy, on the other hand, is running around with a mask in the vents, tracking what Chloe is doing. The dude with the briefcase is walking and we're back to where the episode begun, with Jimmy leaping down and tasering him. Chloe is working and she finds what she's looking for.

Jimmy reenters the party and finds the woman. She scoffs with the info though, saying it is a list of employees. Chloe has managed to trick him and I find it kinda funny that Jimmy was impressed with that. The FBI woman is not so amused because Jimmy is taken away, saying that she will deal with Chloe her way.

Chloe finds what she's looking for but alas, the door breaks open and Chloe is put under arrest.

Jimmy is being taken away but he managed to escape, placing a dart in the guy's neck.

The woman keeps smacking Chloe when she doesn't give answers. Jimmy breaks in the the facility and when he sees Chloe in serious danger, he puts something on the screens that is a temporary distraction. He takes out the other security dude and goes up against the woman, knocking her out too.

Look, Chloe-Jimmy reunion!

I really thought they may end up breaking up again but I'm kinda glad they didn't. It's so boring. But they were arguing when they got to the apartment. He asks if "this is the point where a sad song comes on and we break up again?" Oh Jimmy. :\ She admits that she had been lying before that but after he says that he's not going to let go this easily, she tells him that the Feds will be after her anyway so he can ask her whatever he wants.

He kisses her and asks if she wants that more than she wants Clark. Haven't we moved past this yet? No? Okay. Chloe doesn't give him an answer, just kisses him again. Jimmy also says that nobody will come after her because he took care of it. He has his secrets too. She doesn't ask and they kiss again.

And that's the end of that.

We're back to Lex, who made it to Zurich. He gets the box and it's empty! He checks around and finds a secret compartment, which contains a little white box. This box has something with dials. He spins them around to be where they're supposed to and they start to light up. Some guy attacks him but Lex manages to take him out.

Back at the DP, we have Lex again, who has made it home in one piece. He wants to know who was attacking him. Once off the phone, Jimmy shows up, and he had asked Lex for help. Lex said he already took care of it but claims there is no catch, that the DP is his family and families help each other. And he knows that if he needs something, Jimmy will help him. Jimmy leaves, realizing he is under Lex's control. Lovely.

The final scene is back in the barn, with Chloe and Clark talking about Kara's message. They realize that Kara may actually be on Krypton, in the past. She was the one sending Swann the messages, which is why there are new appearances in the book. And they figure out that Braniac is trying to kill Clark when he was a baby. Chloe suggests it's time for Kal-El to go home.

Yay! It's over! This one was just bad. The title was so appropriate.

But the preview for next week looks awesome! I'm so excited! I hope I'm not raising my expectations for nothing.

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