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Chlollie anyone?

This is so random but every time I see previews for the Patrick Demsey movie, Made of Honor? I want a Chlollie fic based off the same premise. You know, he's the playboy, she's the best friend. She leaves and he realizes he is in love with her but when she comes back, she's engaged.

I definitely wouldn't want the other guy to be Clark though. If I see one of more triangle with those three, I'll bang my head against a wall.

It'd be amusing if it was Lex though. The only one I've ever read with a Oliver-Chloe-Lex triangle had her in a relationship with Lex and Ollie losing. We don't approve of Ollie losing.

Hmm ... I'm definitely going to have to see this movie now.

Maybe I'll write the fic myself! LOL

As if I didn't have enough to do.
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