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And now ... for a meme

Here's how it works:

1. Reply to this post and I will pick 3 of your icons and 7 of your interests.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons/interests I chose.

What ferdalump picked for me:

My icons:

This was made by the lovely carmendove. It's a quote from a Bollywood movie called "Kal Ho Na Ho" (translated to "tomorrow may or may not be"), which is one of my favorites! The hero of the story, Aman (played by Shahrukh Khan, who is the reason I watched) says this and I think it really rings true. Everyone should live each day to the fullest. That way, there are no regrets.

I don't know who made this one. If anyone does, please let me know! It just was so beautiful and Tom does look gorgeous, even when he's angsting.

I think this icon, made by scoopgrrl, who makes the coolest icons, echoes the sentiments of many Smallville fans. She just bugs the crap out of me and especially during the last few season, that's really what I wanted to say. With all her stuff on secrets and lies and her hypocritical attitude, she is awful. Yeah, so I'm done with my anti-Lana rant. Whenever I make an angry Lana post or see something that is Lana related that pisses me off, this is a very useful icon. ;)

My interests:

1. Sirius/Remus- I am a slasher by heart and even though Harry/Draco is my HP OTP, I do love Sirius/Remus. I don't care if they all say that "oh, it's just brotherly". Snape said they fought like an old married couple. I see the subtext. ;)

2. Batman Begins- Like this one needs any explanation! I saw this movie and if you ask me, it's the best movie that came out in 2005. It was amazing and though Katie Holmes caused me pain, Christian Bale was incredible. He's my Batman for sure! I have this movie on DVD and I made my sister fall in love with Christian Bale too. I can't wait for July!

3) Lexana- The Lex/Lana ship ... I think it had so much potential. They had so much chemistry in early seasons and I actually thought they were cute early season 6. If Goughlar hadn't taken those two hundred Clana opinions into mind (they love having any excuse to bring the Clana back), it could've been so good. But alas, they ruined it. I still mourn what they could've been.

4) Democrats- I am one. A huge liberal. I'm way into politics. In fact, I'm majoring in political science. Don't ask me who I support in the election ... I haven't decided yet.

5) Writing- It's my favorite pastime. When I was in my early teens, I wrote 200+ page stories that I dreamed were Bollywood movies. I used to make up characters and place my favorite actors in their roles. Yes, I'm a dork but it's how I got started.

6) UCLA- This is my school! I've had a great time here so far. I transferred here this year from my community college and it's awesome. Go Bruins!

7) Shop- One of the things my friends and I do is go to the mall. Not all the time because it does get boring. But we go once and I do like window shopping. What I hate is trying on clothes. I've always hated it ... it's just really boring for me. My poor mom has so many problems with me! She has to practically drag me out. :D

Now you know a little more about me!
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