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Movies/Books into Fanfic?

So lately I've been contemplating some things.

I wrote in a recent post that every time I see the previews for the Patrick Demsey movie "Made of Honor", I desperately want a Chloe/Oliver fic from that same premise. Where he's a playboy and she's a good, loyal best friend. When she leaves, he realizes he's in love with her and is about to tell her when she comes back, only to find out she's engaged. My stipulation was that the other man not be Clark, because I'm tired of the same old Clark-Chloe-Oliver triangles. It just gets boring. I know that people want Chloe to be the woman that's fought over for a change and I understand that but it's just exhausting to read what feels like the same fic again. My plan was to add in a different guy, like Lex. That sounded interesting enough.

But I digress. I have to admit, it's not the first time that I thought of making a movie into a Smallville fic. There are just so many good plots out there that you can imagine your favorite characters in. For instance, I saw the movie "Definitely, Maybe" over Christmas break. My first instinct? To write a Chloe/Clark fic with that story.

I even want to make certain Bollywood films, Bollywood being the Indian film industry, into Smallville fics. It's crazy! I started this one Clark/Lois fic based of the movie "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" but it never got anywhere. Then, there is this other movie called "Kal Ho Na Ho", which translated to "tomorrow may or may not be", which I want to write as a Clark/Oliver fic. Yes, I'm taking the movie that has a heterosexual romance and slashing it. I don't know what's wrong with me either. In my defense, if Bollywood fandom was like other fandoms, the two male leads would've been slashed like hell. If you ask me, they had more chemistry with one another than either of them did with the heroine.

That's not the point either though. What I want to know if how people feel about their favorite movies and books turning into fanfic. Seeing the plots they love on screen rewritten to fit a particular fandom. I know there are many people who do it so I'm not alone in my craziness. I've seen it around ... I haven't read that many fics but I know that they're there. Mostly because that the rewrites are pairings that I'm just not that into. Otherwise, I think it's a good idea.

Sure like any fic, it can fail miserably but I feel that the key to writing it successfully is to make sure that the characters from your fandom somewhat matches up to the ones in the film/book that you want to rewrite. To make it a complete AU with the characters only similar to their true selves in name alone just doesn't work. Perhaps that is an unpopular opinion but I like to see signs of the characters that I know so well. I like to see Lois's bold, brash attitude, Chloe's loyalty and witty personality, Clark's bashfulness ... I mean, with Clark, I suppose you can play the Kal card. For him it's fun to actually have him be the bad boy and we can recognize him anyway.

It's an AU for a reason, I get it. But I want people to format the movie/book to fit the characters, not the other way around. Is that absolutely nuts? Not sure.

Which is why I ask my flist what they think of all this. I figure the best means is through a nice little poll. But please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. If you disagree with me on anything, that's great too because I love a good conversation.

For now? A poll.

Poll #1179291 Opinions on movie/books turned into different fandom fanfic

Do you like movies/books turned into AU fanfic in your fandom?

Don't care either way

Do you read/write movie/book AUs?

I read and write them
I only read them but plan to write one
I only read them
I only write them
I don't read or write them

Are you usually satisfied with the end result?

Mostly yes
Sometimes yes
Mostly no

What draws you to the AU?

The pairing
The movie/book it's based off of
The author
I read them all
Other, will say in comments

For writers, what makes you want to rewrite that particular book/movie?

The plot
The characters
I just like to see my favorite movies with the characters I know
Other, will say in comments

What's your favorite movie/book AU? (any fandom is okay)

Thanks in advance!
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