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7.18 "Apocalypse" Review

I've been waiting for this particular episode for weeks. And now it's here!

Cloisers all around have been excited for this one and with just cause. The glaring lack of on screen time has been frustrating as a shipper. Lois had more on screen time with Jimmy than she did with Clark and that's disappointing. So to see them together brings excitement. But if there's one lesson I've learned with Smallville is to not get your hopes up. Most of the time, only disappointment occurs.

However, as stills came up and the preview trailer arrived, I couldn't help but begin to be eager for the show. For once, save "Siren", I was really happy to see Thursday come. Now would it live up to expectations? That's the $10,000,00 question, isn't it?

I'm happy to say it did! In my opinion, it was great! There were some parts that were a bit frustrating but other than that, I definitely was left feeling satisfied. Definitely one of the best episodes this season.

It starts off in the barn, where Clark is reading Jor-El's book. Of course, there is the picture of Lana, which he takes a moment to look at, lest we all forget she exists. Chloe arrives and he tells her there is a new message from Kara. Clark informs her that the message says that Brainiac is close and the two of them figure he's at the day Krypton exploded. Chloe deduces he is going to stop Clark's ship from leaving. We find out that the Fortress can send him back but when Chloe asks why he's not on his way, he says he's not going.

Clark has decided that the world would be better off without him, that ever since he's arrived, he's only caused death and pain. Chloe disagrees, saying "we need you, i need you." Our favorite alien disagrees, saying she'll be fine. The key is pressed into his hand by Chloe and she insists he goes. "The planet will be better off if I never existed," Clark argues. The symbols on the key begin to light up and there is this light surrounding him.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in the barn, alone. Some kid comes in and tells Clark he's trespassing. When Clark asks him who he is, he says he's Clark Kent!

Cue the credits. I don't know about everyone else but I was very excited.

When the show returns, we have Clark entering the house and he finds the picture frame, which contains Martha, Jonathan and that kid. That world's Clark runs in behind him, very annoyed and Clark finds out that Jonathan is still alive. As the scene goes on, with Clark even calling out "Dad!", "Clark" thinks our Clark is nuts. Clark asks to speak with Martha and Jonathan but "Clark" (because he's fake to me) says they're on a cruise for Jonathan's birthday. Clark asks to use the phonebook because he wants to make sure all his friends are safe. What I wanted to know was if this Clark is their biological child but it's never revealed.

His first stop is to see Chloe, who we see interacting with some guy. The other man disappears for a moment and Clark approaches her. She doesn't know who he is, obviously, and is confused when Clark calls her by name. He tells her he graduated with her but they weren't in the same circles. Of course the first thing he does is ask about Lana but Chloe doesn't know about her. They never interacted apparently and when he tries to get help, she has to deny him, saying she has plans. Sorry Clark, this isn't the girl who knows you remember?

Chloe has a fiancé in this world, that dude, George. Clark is very happy for her and I have to say, Chloe looks cute.

Moving on to the Daily Planet, Jimmy is looking around with his camera and we even get a glimpse of the lovely Lois Lane walking up the stairs. Clark shows up out of nowhere and wins Jimmy over by saying he admires his pictures. Clark says he is looking up an ex-girlfriend and he wants to see if he can use the archives. Jimmy is already flattered with the attention and says he will help him. That's how we find out that Lana Lang is in Paris, married to some French dude.

Jimmy is sympathetic but Clark is happy.

I don't care how many mistakes Clark has made ... I love him. Especially here because he's genuinely happy. Every time he sees someone he cares about perfectly fine without him, he is thrilled! All he wants is their happiness and that just makes my heart melt. He's not perfect but you can't fault him for his heart. Tom just played it so well too!!

Now that I've taken that minute to express my Clark/Tom love, we move back to the episode. Clark runs into Lois, who flirts with him. They are too cute together. She says that she'll be at O'Malleys later and if she shows up, she'll buy him a cold drink. However, agents show up and ruin the moment. But we find out Lois has a Pulitzer! The agents say she has something that belongs to the government and arrests her. Kara is there too, leading them, which shocks Clark. But when he questions her, she is defensive and tells him to back off before leaving.

Jimmy says that she is Linda Danvers, the new head of the DDS, appointed by none other than President Lex Luthor. Dun dun duh!

Clark tries to get info from Jimmy, who is reluctant and a bit jealous of the Clois flirting, I think. Lois had given Jimmy an envelope before but Jimmy says that he just plays messenger. Clark snatches the envelope and opens it, demanding what it was. Jimmy refuses to answer him until Clark slams him up against and a wall and he tells him all he wants to know.

The address that Jimmy gives him is a club and Clark identifies Sheriff Adams, who says she hasn't been called that in a while. Clark says he grew up in Smallville and gives her the envelope, which she's upset to find opened. He finds out she is a part of the government but when he accuses her of having Lois arrested, she is shocked. She says he's best give up if Lois has been taken away but he refuses. "I don't give up. Tell me where I can find Lois Lane."

Two vehicles stop and Kara gets out of one of them, telling the suit clad men to lock Lois up until she gets back and leaves. Lois gets led out in cuffs but the two guys who are holding her quickly get knocked out. She tries to run but she is picked up by Clark, who takes her in his arms. "You okay?" he wants to know. "Yeah," she said, "Talk about sweeping a girl off her feet!"

Dude it is love at first sight for her. My Clois loving heart melts.

We get more Clark/Lois, with her taking him to her apartment. She thinks he's a meteor freak and scoffs when he says he's not. Clark wants to know why she's Public Enemy #1 and she gives him the info she has on Lex, proof that he's causing the world trouble. This shows he's setting up for a nuclear war. Clark sees the video clip of Lex talking and identifies Fine at his side, who is revealed to be his Chief of Staff by Lois.

I love how Clark tells Lois all this information. He says that Fine is an android and controlling this whole thing. Lois wonders if he is an android too but he just tells her he is the only who can stop Fine and he asks Lois to trust him. So Lois tells him that there is going to be a speech in 20 minutes but he can't go dressed like that. She finds a suit for him and says "stop standing around, strip". Sensing his reluctance, she leaves but she's SO adorable and tries to peek in. Bad Lois! ;) But you gotta love her. Unfortunately for her, he's already ready. Damn he looks good in that suit! Tom! We need to see you dressed like this more!

Lois gives him her badge, telling her to say they misspelled Louis. "Something's missing," she decides and we all know what that is. The next time we see Clark, he's at the press conference and he has the glasses! His superhearing picks up on Lex and Kara.

Lex accuses Kara of letting Lois out but she continues to insist on her loyalty. She says the true enemy is Milton Fine and Lex doesn't believe her. Kara gives him something she confiscated from Lois and she says that this is a document Fine says. Lex is annoyed she's doubting him, saying that he authorized this.

The conversation has convinced me that Clark was better off not telling him his secret. He would've used him eventually. Lex keeps going on about how he and his family protected Kara. If Clark hadn't given him his full devotion always, he would've done the same thing to him. Nothing is good enough for Lex and I will always be on Clark's side when it comes to his secret. </rant>

Fine comes in and Lex leaves. He and Kara stare at one another before he leaves too.

Kara walks into the hall, where she finds Clark. She is stunned when he calls her "Kara" and he reveals himself as Kal-El. Upon which she says she was sent to kill him and tries to. He moves out of the way and she's upset, saying that she searched the planet for him and he was on Krypton when it exploded. Clark can't give her answers because he doesn't know himself but he says they have to stop Lex. When Kara declares she's loyal to Lex but Clark reveals Fine is Brainiac. She's upset she didn't see it herself and Clark says together, they can stop him.

She takes him to see Lex, where they both confront him. Lex says they are going to restart the world, and that the best and brightest are safe. He's going to lead the new world. Clark tries to get him to stop but he shoots Clark! It's a kryptonite bullet! Lex says that he knew one day he was going to need protection from Kara one day. And he shoots him again! Then he shoots Kara. Fine shows up, taking Kara away in kryptonite cuffs. Clark tries to plead with Lex but Lex sets off the missiles and goes when Fine says he'll deal with Clark.

Fine talks to Clark, saying that Kara and Lex will repopluate the Planet. He's about to shoot Clark when the world goes blurry and Clark is listening to Jor-El's voice, who set this all up.

Jor-El says he can't change the future and that he has a destiny. Clark tells Jor-El to send him back and he's back in the barn with Chloe, who is worried. Clark decides he has to go to Krypton. Lesson learned.

On Krypton, Fine is about to kill baby Kal-El. Kara repeatedly tries to stop him but fails. Clark shows up though. Fine gets the best of him because he doesn't have powers here. Kara stabs him though and urges Clark to go get baby Kal-El on the ship. Clark takes care of baby Clark and it's kinda funny how he's looking at him. I was almost like "Clark, yes, you were a cute baby but let's move on!" But baby Clark gets sent away and Kara defeats Brainaic. Kara says that they need to get the portal and the planet explodes.

Back at the Kent Farm and Clark's on the phone. Kara comes down the stairs and Clark tells her that Lana is worse than ever. Kara says she's sure she destroyed Brainiac. She suggest they go back and they could even fix everything if they find the right point in time. Clark says they can't change the past, only affect the future. Kara promises him that whatever that future is, she'll be there with him. Aww, I like that. Supportive Kara is what I wanted to see this season.

Clark goes to his loft and look who has made himself at home. Lex is there and he wants to help Lana. But his doctors have only found that the situation is irreversible, almost alien says that he was the last one to see Lana and wants to know if he remembers anything that could've happened that caused this. Clark says he wishes there was. Lex is disappointed and says if he remembers, he knows where he is. Come on Lex, still trying to get answers? Like he's going to tell you now.

There is a shift to the Daily Planet where Clark is working on a computer. Lois comes in and teases him. He says Jimmy set him up here and Lois is okay with it. She is quiet when she realizes what he's researching. She doesn't know quite what to say and he's okay but she insists that he was there for her and she wants to be there for him. They're so great together! "You're a good friend Lois."

She decides she'll buy him a drink and we find HE IS 21! Okay then. They walk off together and I'm thrilled. I have to make a note and say that Lois looks good in that shirt.

The last scene has Kara in the kitchen in the middle of the night. She takes out the milk bottle and then she is suddenly in pain and falls to the ground.

Episode over.

I wonder what happened but we'll find out next week, I guess. This episode was really good. Tom, you should always direct. Everyone did a wonderful job. Michael was excellent as evil Lex. I totally adore Tom Welling. Lois ... what do I say about you? You rock! And you rock looking good too.

This was definitely worth the wait and the watch and the hype!

Next week looks interesting too. :)

See you all then! Feel free to post your own thoughts!
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