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"Because We're Awesome" Drabble-a-thon

Guess what guys? medie 's "Because We're Awesome" drabble-a-thon is going to wrap up soon! Celebrate the awesomeness of female characters and go submit a fic. There are TONS of great prompts, Smallville included. Plus crossovers are in plentiful!

I've written a few too!

What you should be reading:

Let This Be Ours (Chloe/Clark, prompt: asexuality, PG-13) by simplytoopretty 

Man Bites Dog (Lois, prompt: the Inquisitor, G) by abby82 

Queen's Gambit (girl!Clark/Oliver, prompt: farmgirl, PG) by medie 

Soft Kisses (girl!Clark/Oliver, prompt: awake, R) by flareonfury 

This Life Is Hers (Chloe-centric, Chloe/Clark, prompt: this time around, PG) by simplytoopretty

Bed Monster (girl!Clark/Oliver, prompt: Superwoman, PG-13) by flareonfury

Pleasantly Stuck In Bed (girl!Clark/Oliver, prompt: bed, PG-13) by flareonfury

These are mine:

A Kiss (girl!Clark/Oliver, prompt: anger, PG-13)

New Bonds (Kara, Lois, prompt: Clark Kent, PG)

Catching His Eye (girl!Clark/Oliver, prompt: dress, PG-13)

Easier To Be (Clark, Lois, prompt: simplicity, PG)

By the way, remember, reply to the comment with the fic ... DON'T post a new one unless you're writing your own fic.

Enjoy and do let tell me if you guys post a drabble of your own!
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