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Some Recs

I decided to post some fics to read that I thought you all may enjoy!

1. Wrapped (Chloe/Dean, PG-13, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- This is just absolutely adorable. It's a one shot and you gotta love the way she writes both Chloe and Dean. There is a cute little baby girl in this who has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Definitely worth a read!

2. Tour de Vengeance (Chloe, Lois, Dean, PG-13, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- This is a Librarian series AU. I love it cuz it has a kick ass Lois too who is so protective of Chloe. Plus, some nice Chloe-Dean interactions! It's just too awesome for words and needs to be read by all!

3. Don't Let Me Go (Chloe/Oliver, PG-13) by sarcastic_fina- Ollie gets nightmares of Chloe's death and starts to pull away from her. It has angst but it's just wonderful. Her Chloe is so strong and amazing and my heart breaks for her Ollie. It's just a wonderfully written piece. I love her Chlollie fics and this is no exception.

4. These Games We Play (Chloe/Oliver, NC-17) by sarcastic_fina- Yes, lots of Chloe fics this week! I like this because it's more light hearted. Chloe is so determined to resist Ollie and Oliver is just stubborn and knows what he wants. You know who's going to win this one. Who can resist the hot blond? Read it.

5. This Life Is Hers (Chloe-centric, Chloe/Clark, PG) by simplytoopretty- Aww, this was sweet. It shows Chloe in her element and I really enjoyed it. Plus, there's some nice Chlark added in and it is really a cute portrayal of the relationship.

6. Whenever You're On My Mind (Clark/Lois, PG-13) by kdsch123- This is set in the Metropolis Holiday/Alliance universe and it melts my heart. I can never get sick of reading it. It is in Lois's POV and it has her thoughts on Clark. I love reading about her in denial and she's so cute! If you haven't read the series, you MUST! You're seriously deprived if you haven't.

7. Tea and Gingerbread (Clark/Bruce, G, DCU) by bradygirl_12- No, this isn't Smallville but it's so CUTE! I love her Clark/Bruce to pieces and this one just makes me so giddy. Happy fics with those two in a stable relationship ... what more can a girl ask for?

Remember, if you like the fics, leave feedback!
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