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Chloe in Season 8?

Thanks to ferdalump, I found this article where Ausiello talks about Allison coming in back in season 8.

What do I think about this? Not sure. Everyone knows how much I love Chloe ... she's a very good character and she's a great friend to Clark. If anyone has read my stories, you know she always ends up playing a large part, especially in the Clark/Oliver fics. I like their friendship and I even read Chlark a bit, though it's not my main ship at all.

However, lately, Chloe seems to, in addition to her best friend role, taken over Martha's place too. She's lecturing Clark, reminding him of his priorities ... it's sad.

I don't know how the show would be without her. Honestly, the fact that Michael is leaving is bad enough or hell, even worse. Because he's half the original purpose of the show (I say original because we know we've lost that somewhere along the line). So he's gone and now Chloe too? It certainly won't help ratings.

Kristin Kreuk won't be back except for a few episodes, leaving Clark Kent/Tom Welling as the only remaining original cast member. The show will be him, Lois, Kara, Jimmy and w/e new villains they're coming up with. In this case, that female one and Doomsday.

I am all for Lois getting loads of screen time but she still only has 13 episodes, thanks to DC Comics. So what the hell is going to happen?

It'd be nice if Chloe stuck around but something has to change within that dynamic. I want to see Clark standing up for himself ... want to see him working to find things on his own. Do you know how excited I was at the end of Apocalypse when he was researching by himself? I don't even care it was for Lana. He's doing stuff ON HIS OWN!

Because one day, he will have to. Lois Lane is his partner ... she doesn't do stuff for him. They research together and Clark finds stuf fon his own. Currently, Chloe is his crutch. Time to walk by yourself Clark. You're 21 ... it's time.

In their dynamic lately, he's made to be the stupid one and that's unacceptable.

So yes, it has to be different if she stays. If she goes ... well, I hope they give her character an ending she deserves.

Those are my thoughts ... if it's a little scattered, I apologize. Feel free to share your own opinions!
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