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7.19 "Quest" Review

I have to be honest ... coming off the high that was 'Apocalypse', I wasn't expecting much. Honestly, with all the season 8 spoilers, I didn't even want to watch. But I did because it's Smallville and it's habit. Here's what I thought.

This started out with Lex trying to figure out the artifact and is frustrated when he can't figure it out. He says he wants to take it apart but Lex claims that it's a priceless heirloom. The man says it won't be priceless if he doesn't know what its. So he gets the artifact and leaves but Lex makes sure security tracks him. However, alone, Lex gets attacked. And how many times is this? How do people get into the mansion without being Clark?

The guy carves something into his chest and I'm looking away because this is something that I can't watch. No wonder I can't watch Supernatural, no matter how good people say it is. He leaves before the security arrives and we see a symbol on there. Cue the credits.

Lex wakes up in the hospital where his bodyguard is. The police don't have any leads, no surprise but neither does Lex's private team. But Lex already has his own answers. He knows that it's the manager of the bank in Zurich, who was waiting for someone to open the box and is trying to kill him again. The bodyguard informs him of the scar and Lex recognizes the symbols, realizing that someone is after the cryptograph.

Now we cue to Jimmy, who I feel is getting way too much screen time. He is sneaking in and Chloe catches him. Apparently he stood her up and he tells her he was in the hospital. Chloe worries for him but he says that he had taken pictures of Lex. Chloe is trying to seduce him in the meantime but he finally gets her attention. She doesn't understand why someone would try to get rid of Lex, when she assumed all the people who had grudges against him were already dead. That's when the symbol is revealed and Chloe gets a knowing look on her face. We all know what's coming next.

And we're right. Clark and Chloe are at the hospital, where Clark is not amused at having been woken up for Lex being attacked. Clearly, he's used to it and thinks it's the usual. Chloe then shows him the symbols, which Clark deciphers to be 'traveler' and 'savior'. They both know that they only people who would call him that is the Veritas group but they're supposedly all dead. Also, they finally make a point to say Lex may have gotten the keys. Isn't that stating the obvious? Clark wants to question Lex but by the time they check for him, he's gone.

It's kinda amusing how Clark thinks he'd actually get answers. Same with Lex. Those two are just so odd. Clark, he's not going to tell you anything and Lex, you didn't get his secrets when you were friends. Now that he can't stand you and definitely doesn't trust you, he's not going to reveal everything.

However, I was tuning in and out of the Chloe-Clark conversation. Honestly, I'm just not into the episode.

Even the following scene where the analyzer is figuring out the cryptograph and is fascinated by it, urging everyone to come look, I don't care. Someone comes in and shoots people but before he could kill the analyst, Lex shoots him. The way there's no hesitation in his face and not an ounce of regret has really showed how things have changed since season 1.

Back at Isis, Chloe and Clark are looking at images of Lex. Didn't the security cameras set at the Luthor mansion get destroyed? It's interesting to see how everyone berated Lana for these facilities but once she's out of it, it's a free for all. I don't approve of Lana's actions nor do I like her but it just had to be said.

They think Lex may have been kidnapped and Chloe suggests that they're trying to kill Lex to protect him. Clark doesn't want anyone to kill for him but Chloe could care less. She basically compares Clark to God, which I don't like to hear from her. Her worship of him is not a good thing. From the whole "I will climb Mt Everest for Clark" to the "I need you" in Apocalypse as an excuse for Clark to save his own life ... I am not feeling you Chloe.

What I really liked about this scene though was that Clark was the one who caught the third symbol. Of course, he's also the one who can read Kryptonian but it was nice to see. He reads the symbol as 'sanctuary' and then remembers that there is no Kryptonian symbol for church. Clark wasn't shown as a complete idiot in this scene and that was a much needed change. Either way, his next stop is Montreal, where the St. Christopher's Church is located.

Meanwhile, Lex is definitely not kidnapped ... in fact, he's in a car with the analyzer, where they talk about some watchmaker. A certain symbol is on a clock, which had been missing for a long time before being found by Dr. Swann, who donated to St. Christopher's Cathedral. It's kinda obvious where they're going.

Since they can't superspeed and have to take the old fashioned way, Clark ends up there first. There are symbols on a large bowl, which are Kryptonian and Clark picks up the bowl to find more symbols underneath. He turns and we see a man in a black robe. The man says that a few can read those symbols but only one can follow the instructions. As I (and probably anyone else who has seen spoilers should've) figured, it was Edward Teague. Teague says that he has waited a lifetime to serve the traveler and goes on his knees. Clark looks a little shocked. I don't blame him.

The Teague/Clark conversation is kinda creepy. Clark doesn't want to be worshipped. It really reflects on how he was raised. Jonathan taught him to be a humble and that's why he is so bewildered by this blind worship. Teague says he went into hiding after Jason and Genevieve were killed. Clark is depressed that they died because of him but Teague insists they died for him. Obviously, this conversation doesn't make Clark comfortable but they discuss what could possibly control him. Dr. Swann kept that to himself, according to Teague but there are clues spread all across the globe.

The conversation turns to Lex and how evil he is because he doesn't "believe". Clark already knows who Lex is and what he's done. Teague gets disgusted that Clark hasn't killed Lex, while they have all made these sacrifices for him. He opens his cane to reveal kryptonite. "Lex cannot be allowed to control you," he said, "no one can." Clark passes out.

Speaking of Lex, he's with that analyzer on a plane. The man is pretty smart though. He knows that his time is limited and wants to know answers. Even when Lex says he saved him, he retorts that it is only because he was still useful to him. The man hints at a secret group who the clock maker was commissioned by and Lex admits his father was a member, saying how his father's obsession made him an orphan long before Lionel's actual death.

Obsessiveness is definitely a trait that runs in the Luthor veins. Either way, Lex wants answers to what got his father's attention and the cryptograph will give it to him. Satisfied, that guy goes back to working.

Chloe knows that Lex has left and leaves a message on his cell phone. Jimmy walks in and he's been doing some research on the symbols. Her attempts to get him to think that it's nothing are futile and he is stubborn. But one particular symbol gets her interest and she is horrified when she learns it is a human sacrifice. 

A sacrifice is what Clark is being made into, tied down with kryptonite surrounding him. Teague blames Clark for letting the Veritas stuff fall into the wrong hands but he refuses to let Clark be controlled so he's going to do a ritual. My head is hurting with all the stuff that is being thrown into one episode. Apparently there is some stuff Jor-El sent to stop Clark in case he becomes a ruler. He didn't want to destroy his son but he didn't want him to be a destroyer either. Clark's attempts to say he won't be controlled and he's good fall on deaf ears. Teague dismisses Swann as an idealist and that for every paragraph that claims Clark to be a savior, another interpretation has him as a destroyer.
If Lex gets control, that is what will happen. Teague carves a symbol on Clark's chest. Poor Clark. I'm surprised he's not traumatized already. And Teague considers this a huge sacrifice and I think he's pretty creepy.

Lex has arrived and is looking around. The previews are such lies by the way. They always make this show look so much cooler but Lex doesn't see a thing. I knew it from the start and it's what I was expecting but still. But I digress. Lex finds the clock and places the cryptograph there. A music begins to play and the clock hands start moving. Lex grabs something and turns to be faced with Teague, who he recognizes.

They face off and Lex figures out that Teague knows who the traveler is. Teague says he never thought Lex would be the adversary. Lex tries to get answers on who the traveler is, saying it means everything when Teague claims that it is no longer important. However, Teague has decided that since there is no longer a traveler, there is no longer a need for an adversary. They begin to fight.

Teague clearly counted Clark out too early. Chloe has showed up to save the day and finds Clark. She drains the kryptonite and he is alive! She got there by Oliver's jet! Yay for an Ollie mention! I love those, don't you?

Lex and Teague are still fighting but Clark stops them, destroying the clock in the process. Teague sees him before he superspeeds out. Lex wants to know how he did that and Teague says he didn't. Lex knows it was the traveler.

On the plane, the minion talks to Lex and he has recognized the song. They talk about a castle in Scotland, which was bought by a wealthy American. Gee, I wonder who that was. Lex knows his father has never found what he was looking for and it could still be there so they go back to Smallville.

At the Talon, Chloe's the one sneaking in and Jimmy has a candlelight dinner ready. If they hadn't had that whole Kara crap, I would so be into Chloe/Jimmy still. They're cute. Jimmy is celebrating himself too and says he wrote his first article. Wait, isn't he a photographer? I don't get this show. He has been analyzing the symbols and has talked to a professor about them. There is some hero/anti-hero thing going on and there is one image that shows a resolution to the conflict.

Chloe shows the image to Clark. Clark justifies Teague, saying that his powers are dangerous and he was shown that. Oh, Clark. Chloe suggests Clark stop Lex permanently, insisting that Lex won't hesitate to take him out. Clark doesn't want to kill but Chloe says he was put in this position but someday, he'll have to play God.

It's amazing how everyone wants Clark to kill and kinda annoying. Chloe, of all people,  should've known better. She knows Clark ... she knows that Clark won't kill. Lana was bad enough but this is awful.

As for Lex, he has people searching the mansion. Lex realizes the answers then they talk about directions and he shoos everyone out. The tiny symbol matches matches one above fireplace. Lex starts destroying the symbol and finds a package. He opens it and find a dark crystal ball that has a tiny empty space. The little key he found fits, which glows and floats, forming a big globe, pinpointing a destination.

End of episode. It was just so frustrating that they stuffed so much into one episode and nothing made sense. I didn't really like it and the season finale ... doesn't look good either.

At least only one more episode and we can just go back to our fantasy worlds, where canon is only what people create in fanfics.

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