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More Season 8!!

Thanks to janine83 on the clois comm for providing this.

A conversation between Davis & Lois.

Davis: So what's his name?
Lois: I'm sure there are a thousand punchlines to that pick-up.
Davis: I mean the guy you've been thinking about since you walked in here.
Lois: Oh. That obvious thing again, huh? Just a friend. (in thought) A really confusing, mysterious and oddly sexy friend. (snaps out of it) But it's nothing.
Davis: (tries not to laugh) A really confusing, mysterious and oddly sexy nothing. (off her scowl) I'm sorry. I get it. That moment when you look at someone you've known forever and suddenly this time something's different. And you can't ever go back, but you can't let them see it.

And for those people who were contemplating how soon it would be before Lois sleeps with Davis, HA! I don't want to see romantic Clois on the show and I've said that countless times. But this sounds kinda cute.

Now this isn't set in stone but I'm seeing good things for Clois guys!
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