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Challenge Table

So as I procrastinate with the stories I should be writing, I sign up for challenges. This one is theechochorus, which is for drabbles. I got the Smallville series so who knows what I'm going to throw at you? Chloe/Bart? Perhaps! Clark/Oliver ... there'll be that too. Clois? For sure! Dare I say Chlollie? (Oh, I see you divas_lament & tehzo!) It shall be lots of fun! Plus, I can practice my drabble writing skills!

Prompt Table
001.Games 002.Addicted 003.Ring: Clark & Martha (Clark/Ollie) 004.Kiss: Clark/Oliver 005.Flowers: Chloe/Oliver
006.Candy 007.Cuddle 008.Passion 009.Under the Influence 010.Massage
011.Until Tomorrow 012.Blue Skies 013.Secrets 014.Happy Birthday: Chloe/Oliver 015.Photograph(s): Chloe/Oliver
016.Heartache 017.Sunshine 018.Rain 019.Cuddly Toy: Clark/Lois 020.Love: Clark/Oliver
021.Hate 022.Waterfall 023.Decisions 024.Scent 025.Snow: Clark/Lois
026.Presents 027.Darkness 028.Baby: Clark/Lois 029.Letters 030.Secrets and Lies
031.Shoes 032.Disappointment: Clark (Clois) 033.Tears 034.Death 035.Broken Heart
036.Shooting Star 037.Jealousy 038.Hurt 039.Forbidden 040.Pillow Talk
041.Behind Closed Doors: Lois/Tess 042.Fetish 043.Strangers: Clark & Lex 044.Falling Slowly: Clark/Oliver 045.Dreams: Clark/Oliver
046.Silence 047.Monday: Chlollie & Clois 048.Ghosts 049.Welcome Home: Clark, Martha & Lois 050.Moonlight
051.Afterglow 052.Sand 053.Sunset 054.Sunrise 055.Glass
056.Breakable 057.Anniversary: Clark & Lex 058.Elusive 059.Insomnia: Clark 060.Freedom
061.Stay: Clark/Oliver 062.Hiding My Heart 063.Say Yes: Clark/Oliver 064.Safe: Clark/Oliver 065.The Hardest Part: Clark/Oliver
066.Apologies 067.Whispers 068.Pieces of You 069.Miracle 070.Bad Habits
071.Fate: Clark/Oliver 072.Eternity 073.Head Over Heels 074.Angel: Clark/Oliver 075.Music
076.Sympathy 077.Weekend: Clark/Oliver 078.Paris: Chloe/Oliver 079.Flaws 080.Gravity
081.Fear 082.Fantasy 083.Promise: Clark/Lois 084.Old Friends- Clark & Lana 085.Family: Chloe & Lois
086.Butterflies 087.Chocolate: Clark/Oliver 088.Time 089.Lust: Lois/Oliver 090.Lullaby: Chloe/Oliver
091.Crash 092.Turbulence 093.Shiver 094.At First Sight 095.Please Forgive Me: Clark/Oliver
096.Writer’s Choice- first: Chloe & Lois 097. Writer’s Choice 098. Writer’s Choice 099. Writer’s Choice 100. Writer’s Choice
Tags: challenge: theechochorus, table

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