svgurl (svgurl) wrote,

Like I need more challenges ...

But I signed up for a few at the same time and they're all coming back to haunt me. This one is for 15pairings. The challenge? Write fifteen different pairings for the show of your choice. My fandom, of course, is Smallville. I have a lot of the pairings already planned out.
Wish me luck!

1 once upon a time
2 "You've got two choices."
3 separation anxiety
4 practice makes perfect
5 "Shut up and listen."
6 piggyback ride
7 up close and personal
8 misery loves company
9 photograph
10 together
11 mind games
12 love/hate relationship
13 star gazing
14 friends first, lovers second
15 always a bridesmaid
Tags: challenge: 15pairings, fandom: smallville, table
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