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Some Fics

It feels like it's been a while since I've done one so I decided to compose a rec list of some fics I've enjoyed recently. I hope you like them too!

1. If All Todays Were Tomorrows (Oliver/Lois, PG) by simplytoopretty- This must be read by one and all! Lollie was the best ship, in my opinion, to come out of season 6. Erica's and Justin's chemistry is really second to none ... and I was just saying how it's sad that considering how many people agree they work, nobody writes them. Then I found this. It's priceless. A great Lois, some Chlo-Lo and some nice happy Lollie. It's set after "Siren" and it's wonderful!

2. Nepotism-Queen Style (Chloe/Oliver, PG) by kdsch123- While I say it is Chloe-Oliver, it's a future fic that is set within the "Alliance" universe and it focuses on Oliver and his boys. Chloe and their daughter do show up and they're all just wonderful. Her characters are always amazing and this is just another perfect fic in the perfect world she's created!

3. Scion (Clark, Lois, Chloe, PG, SV/Superman Returns, WIP) by htbthomas- I loved this fic! It's based on the idea that the SR & SV worlds collide when Jason falls into the SV universe. I loved the interactions between all the characters and the plot is just so unique and interesting. She writes them all so well and it's just a made of win fic!

4. Soulmates (Chloe/Oliver, NC-17, AU, WIP) by sarcastic_fina-Every time I think she can't get do something to surprise me, she does. I don't know where she gets her ideas from but I would love to look into her mind! This fic is so interesting. It has the idea that Chloe & Oliver are soulmates, as per the title. They find different version of their selves in different eras only to end up losing each other. There is death in these stories so be warned. In some of the eras, there's some nice Clois too. She does write Lois & Clark very well so Clois fans who like Chlollie, this is for you too!

5. Look After You (Chloe/Dean, PG, SV/SPN) by divas_lament- This one is set in her marvelous Librarian series. No, it's not a coincidence that the title is the same as The Fray's song. She was taking requests and I chose this one. She wrote this marvelous fic. It's in Dean's POV and completely beautiful. So go read it! And if you haven't checked out the series, you're seriously missing out!

6. Attire (Clark/Lois, PG) by autumnrae89- Some funny futurefic Clois! What I love about this is it brings back Lois's comment about her nightmare about a man in a red cape. Well guess what ... he exists now! Her reaction ... priceless. This is just hilarious ... her Clark and Lois are so true to their characters and her Clois dynamic is so enjoyable.

7. Meet Me In Smallville (Clark/Lois, PG-13, WIP) by sunrocket- I'm a little behind on this story but what I have read is very great. There's been a lot of good Clois posted recently and I'm certainly not complaining! I love the way she write the Chloe-Clark friendship plus her Lois rocks. The plot is great and I refuse to give too much away because you have to go read it yourself. So go read!

That's all for now folks! I hope you like this batch and remember, if you liked it, leave feedback for the authors so we can get them to write more fic!
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