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Lois Love Week!

It's finally here! Here's a chance for all Lois fans to join together and show our love for our favorite female character. Yes, we love her every day but this is a week to show that we do exist.

Special thanks to ferdalump for making the pretty banner!


Who: If you're a fan of Lois Lane, any incarnation, this is for you!

What: A week where you express your love of Lois Lane, whether it's the comics version, movie version or tv one, through posts, videos, meta, fic, etc.

When: Monday, June 9th- Sunday June 15th

Where: On LJ of course! Feel free to link to your boards to drag more people here. If you want to post a fic to say, or a personal site and link it from here, that's cool too!

What Isn't Allowed: Bashing. Not just of Lois but of anybody. This is a chance for us to express our love for Lois, not take the time to bash Lana, Chloe or any other character. Let's be positive and we'll all have a good time!

What Is Allowed: Everything! Picspams, meta, fic, art, videos, fanmixes ... anything you can think of to do with Lois!

Romance, Friendship or Gen: Yes, we all have our Lois ships ... they're all perfectly good to go. If you want to put Lois with Clark, Oliver, Bruce or anyone else, that's up to you!

However, if you just want to write a nice Chloe-Lois bonding piece, or a Lois getting to know Kara fic, that's great too. Friendship or even just Lois material is definitely welcome!

How It Will Work: Throughout the week, people will post their Lois material. Every night, I'm going to compile a list of whatever people posted that day. That way, you'll have a handy spot to see what everyone else is doing!

There are a lot of great communities and sites if you want to get more info on Lois or cross post your material. Here's a few.

clois - A Lois & Clark multiverse community.

cloisfic - Pretty self explanatory ... a community for Clark/Lois stories.

_ericadurance - A community to appreciate actress Erica Durance.

iconic_loislane- A fan community for fans of all the incarnations of Lois Lane, all media; comics, cartoons, movies & TV shows.

Divine Intervention- A board dedicated to Smallville's Lois & Clark and the actors who play them. A site dedicated to Erica Durance, including news, pictures and more.

Devoted to Erica Durance- Exactly what the site name suggests!

There's a lot more out there, I'm sure but those are a few of the many places.

I hope to see a lot of participation!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The point of this is to have fun so have fun!
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