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Day 2 of Lois Love Week

For Day 2, I decided to make a post of all the Lois fanvids that I really enjoyed. Some of them are shippery, some are not. But there are a lot of great ones so here are a few of my favorites! If they have an LJ username, I put that first and link to their YouTube accounts in the parantheses.


"To The Moon And Back" (Clark/Lois) by electricmonk333 (chlarkfan333)

Notes: One of my favorite Clois vids and I really think the song suits Clois perfectly.

"Come Undone" (Lois/Bruce) by ferdalump (ferdalump)

Notes: I can't even mention Lois vids without thinking of her. Her Bruce/Lois videos are out of this world. This one has some adult content and all of it is amazing. The way she makes the scenes look like they're really together ... WOW. That's all I have to say.

"Got The Look" (Clark/Lois) by LuvCK

Notes: This IS my favorite Clark/Lois video. I love it to pieces. The editing is perfect and the song choice is great. Win all around.

"How To Save A Life" (Lois/Oliver) by Nouf89

Notes: The Lollie relationship was one of the best ones that came out of the show. It's amazing how SV handled it. Erica & Justin's chemistry was perfect and this video really worked for me.

"Swan" (Lois) by MelissaTempe

Notes: This is the first time I heard the song, which is by Elisa, and I thought the video was perfect. I love the "dream on, dream on" with Lois looking at the Planet symbol.

"Brace Yourself" (Lois/Oliver, Clark/Lois) by darenothope (Sefilily)

Notes: I really love this song and the video moves along to it perfectly. The song really works with the video and the clips flow along just right.

"Wherever You Will Go" (Clark/Lois) by KellyH

Notes: There is a small backstory to the video. Basically, it's Clark & Lois were dating but she breaks up with him. She moves on, he can't and see what happens. The clips go together quite well and I really liked the way some of them were edited.

I hope you liked them all!
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