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Day 4 Round Up

Here's the results from the fourth day of Lois Love Week. Some of this may not have been made specifically for Lois Love Week but if it has Lois, I include it. As always, if the makers have any issues, please feel free to privately message me and I'll remove the content.


seeaseye  posted Lois icons + Lois/Clark wallpapers.
serenography  posted a Lois/Clark manip/wallpaper.


kassandrajones  posted TH!Lois quotes + TH!Lois pictures.


Do I Look Good In This? (Lois, YouTube/Sendspace) by abby82
Smallville "Siren" Recap (Lois/Oliver, YouTube) by seeyaroundsv

Great job everyone! I hope you're all enjoying this as much as I am. Remember, if you like the stuff, leave feedback for the makers.

Oh, and Day 5's round up will be a little late but don't worry, it'll be there eventually!
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