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Not the End

Yay! My Lakers survived to see another day. It was quite a stressful game for me, considering the fact that they insisted on blowing their leads constantly. Two technicals in one quarter is not a good thing guys!

But I really didn't want to see them lose at home. Plus, the last time they were in the finals in 2004, they lost to the Detroit Pistons 4-1. We don't need a repeat performance, thanks. :\

Especially after that disgusting disaster in Game 4 with that huge lead they blew. :(

At least they won today, 103-98. I didn't even let my dad watch the game because I was convinced he was bad luck! LOL! Poor dad. On Father's Day too. I'm horrible. But he didn't care. ;)

Now it's back to Boston.

I'm a realistic LA Lakers fan ... I'm rooting for my team through and through but with the way they're struggling, it's not looking good.

Don't get me wrong ... I still want to see them win it all. Though if they lose, I'll be sad but I won't be super surprised. They're a young team. I predict a strong future for them! 

While keeping my fingers crossed for the remaining games.

A girl can dream! ;). 
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