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Chapter 15

Another day, another chapter. Hope you all like this one too! :)

Story: Never Say Goodbye
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lollie, Chlimmy, Lexana, mentions of past Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 6, starts at 6x04, Arrow
Summary: That night at the penthouse was not the first time Clark met Oliver Queen. He has met him before but he just doesn’t remember where or when. But as the memories return, Clark finds out that his fateful summer in Metropolis is not as long gone as he thought it was.

Chapter 15

Sleeping hadn’t come easy that night, the kiss on constant replay in his mind. And was Lois crazy? How could she even compare them? His kisses were even better than Clark remembered. One thing was for certain and that was that Oliver Queen definitely beat Lois in the kissing department. Lois must be nuts if she thinks she can say they’re just “good”. Oliver was more than just good . . . words could not describe how that kiss made him feel.

“Now we’re even.” What on Earth did Oliver mean by that? The next day, he didn’t even want to get out of bed. But he had chores to do and he knew that staying in bed all day wouldn’t solve anything. So he forced himself up but it almost felt as if he is a robot. He was just going through the motions- getting dressed, having breakfast, doing his chores.

He heard a knock at the door and looked up, relieved to see it was Chloe and not Oliver. Chloe opened the door and entered.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey Chlo,” he greeted her. “What’s up?”

“Well, you disappeared on us yesterday,” Chloe teased, “I had to come see you.” She smiled. “At least now I know why you were so eager to protect the Green Arrow.”

He sighed. “I figured it wouldn’t take you long to connect the dots. You’re too smart for the rest of us, Chlo.”

She grinned. “I can’t believe you kissed Lois . . .”

“She kissed me!” he protested. “I never saw it coming.”

“Kissed the girlfriend of the man you’re in love with,” Chloe said, shaking her head. “Ironies of life at work, Clark.”

“It gets better,” Clark told her, “What if I told you the man I loved kissed me last night?”

Chloe looked shell-shocked. “Whoa, wait a minute Clark! Oliver kissed you? When did this happen? How did you not tell me immediately? Details, Clark, details!”

Glancing at her warily, he recapped the previous evening’s events, starting with Lana’s visit and ending with Oliver’s.

Only when he finished his story did he meet her eyes and smiled slightly when he saw the amazement there. But she didn’t say anything, she just pulled him into a hug. He returned the hug, grateful to be in the comforting embrace of his best friend.

“Clark, I can’t believe it,” she said softly, “No wonder you look so exhausted today.” She pulled away and frowned. “I take back everything I said about Oliver being cool. This is so not cool.”

“He was upset,” Clark said, unable to resist defending him, “I did kiss his girlfriend, who went on to say what a better kisser I was.”

“Doesn’t matter,” Chloe argued, “This was just mean! He totally toyed with your feelings. The two of you have been dancing around each other for a while and he took advantage of how you felt to seek some stupid revenge? I don’t care if he is the Green Arrow . . . I have half a mind to march over there and kick his butt!”

He couldn’t help but smile at the determined look on her face. Seeing his amused expression, she added, “I can take him you know. Nobody hurts my best friend and gets away with it.”

“I have no doubt, Chlo,” he laughed, “You are quite scary when you’re angry.”

“Damn straight,” she agreed, flexing her muscles. “You better watch out Kent. I may come after you next.”

“Oh Chloe,” he sighed, “What would I do without you?”

“Don’t worry, Clark,” Chloe said, “You’re never going to have to find out.”

“Good,” he replied, with a grin.

“Are you okay?” she asked, placing a hand on his arm. “Seriously . . . are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” Clark confessed. “I’ve wanted him for so long and then he kissed me . . . and it was amazing. Lois is nuts if she calls him ‘good’ . . . good is the understatement of the century.”

“Something tells me this was more than just revenge,” Chloe noted.

“It wouldn’t matter,” Clark said, his voice barely a whisper. “I can’t have him.”

“Clark!” Chloe said, her tone sharp. “You can’t keep doing this! If you love him, stand up for your feelings.”

“She’s in love with him,” Clark said, his voice distant, even to his own ears, “She told me . . . she almost gave up the plan just because she said she thought she was in love with Oliver.” There was no question as to who the “she” was.

“Oh no.” Chloe’s voice was full of alarm.

“Exactly, now you see why I can’t do anything,” Clark replied.

“I’m so sorry, Clark,” Chloe said sympathetically. They both knew that if Lois decided she was in love, the relationship was serious.

“Me too,” Clark said. And the two of them sat in silence.

“Hey, who died?” They looked up to see Lois, smiling at them.

“Hey Lo,” Chloe said, giving her cousin a smile.

“Hey Lois,” Clark greeted her. His smile was a little more forced.

“What’s got the two of you so down?” she asked.

“Nothing is wrong, Lois,” Clark said quickly, “Just enjoying a bit of silence.” He gave her a teasing smile, “Not everyone likes to talk all the time.”

“Oh whatever, Smallville,” Lois replied, “I don’t know what you would do without me.”

“How could I?” Clark asked sweetly, “You never leave so I can find out.”

She mock glared at him and he heard Chloe stiffen a giggle next to him.

“One day you’ll learn to appreciate me,” Lois proclaimed, “But I’ll wait.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” Clark muttered and then grinned innocently when she glared at him again.

“So what’s new Lois?” Chloe chipped in before they could verbally attack each other again.

“Since Smallville bailed on our last movie night,” Lois said, “I was thinking the four of us could do something together.”

“The four of us?” Chloe asked. “What would you want to do?” Clark was already coming up with excuses to get out of whatever she had planned. There was no way he could sit in the room with Oliver and Lois now . . . it would kill him to see them acting all lovey-dovey.

“So there is this new karaoke club that opened in Metropolis,” Lois said, “I thought it would be fun.”

“Karaoke?” Clark repeated, “I don’t think so Lois. Count me out.”

“Oh come on, Smallville,” Lois said, “You don’t even have to sing . . . it will be a good change of pace for you. What do you say Chlo?”

“If he’s not comfortable . . .” Chloe started, looking nervous. She could tell that he was trying to avoid spending time with Oliver but she didn’t know what to tell Lois, who had no clue about the situation.

“You both have to come,” Lois insisted, “I mean, Oliver and you are friends now, right Clark?”

“Yeah, we’re friends,” Clark managed to say.

“So what’s the problem then?” Lois questioned, “We’ll all go as a group of friends.”

“Except that you and Oliver are dating,” Chloe pointed out, “It’s not like this is a double date, Lo.”

Lois flushed slightly. “Yeah, about that . . . not so much.”

“Not so much what?” Chloe asked.

“Oliver and I are not . . . dating anymore,” Lois said.

Clark raised his head in surprise. “What?”

“I broke up with him,” Lois admitted.

“Wait a second,” Clark interrupted, “Just a few days ago, you were saying that you were in love with him. When did this happen?”

“When I kissed the Green Arrow,” Lois said.

No, no, no. He exchanged a concerned glance with Chloe. There was no way he could’ve broken up Lois and Oliver. Not with one kiss . . . this was ridiculous.

“I mean, I was thinking,” Lois continued, “How could I be in love with Oliver and then feel so much with one kiss?”

“Lois, it was just one kiss,” Clark said, “What you have with Oliver is so much more than that.”

“No, Clark, I can’t continue a relationship with Oliver knowing I’m not with him fully,” Lois said, “Our relationship is getting serious but I’m not ready to commit. That kiss with the Green Arrow made me see that a steady relationship is not something I want right now.”

“I broke up with Oliver this morning,” she finished, “We are still friends though. He completely understood.”

“Are you sure about this Lois?” Chloe asked. “You two seemed really happy together.”

“Right now I want to focus on my career,” Lois said firmly, “I still haven’t made it in the journalism business. Relationships are going to have to take a backseat, at least for a little while.” She took a deep breath. “I think I want to go back to school.”

“Wow, Lois, you’ve made a lot of decisions,” Clark said, dazed at the conversation they were having.

“I know,” Lois agreed, “But I need to shape up my life.”

“Whatever you decide to do, we’ll support you, Lo,” Chloe said encouragingly. “I just don’t want to see you give up a man who has made you happy. You’ve been searching for love for so long.”

“And I’m still searching,” Lois clarified, “It’s just . . . when I think long run, when I think of building a future with someone, it’s not Oliver I see. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy . . . he’s just not for me.” She stood up. “Besides, before I get attached to a man, I want to make it big. No man is going to be supporting me.”

“That’s really admirable of you Lois,” Clark said.

“Thank you Smallville,” Lois replied, clearly surprised at the compliment. “I am going back to school. When Metropolis University reopens in the fall, I’ll be there. This time, I plan to give it all I got.” She shrugged. “And if I’m meant to fall in love, I will. It’s just no longer a priority.”

“I have to get going,” Lois said, “So what do you guys say? This Friday evening? Karaoke? Spend some time with me while I still have time to have a life?”

“All right Lois,” Chloe said, “I’ll be there. It won’t be awkward between you and Oliver, will it?”

“No way, we’re totally cool,” Lois assured her, “He said he’d be there too.” She looked at Clark. “Come on Smallville? For me?”

He had mixed feelings but couldn’t refuse her. “Okay,” he said finally, “I will come too.”

“Great!” Lois said, “I knew you’d come around. Now I really have to go. Friday evening at 6:30! We’re meeting at Oliver’s penthouse. I’ll come here so the three of us can drive together.”

“Sounds good,” Chloe said and Clark just nodded in agreement.

Lois said her goodbyes and left. Chloe was beaming when he looked back at her.

“Clark!” she said, “This is great news.”

“That Lois and Oliver broke up?” Clark asked, “How is this great?”

“He’s free!” Chloe said happily, “Now you can move in.”

“Chloe!” Clark admonished her, “Lois just broke up with him. I am not going to move in when he’s vulnerable.”

“Oh give me a break,” Chloe said, rolling her eyes, “When has Oliver Queen ever expressed vulnerability? You heard Lois . . . he’s fine! And he seemed perfectly okay with kissing you when he was still with her.”

“You make sense,” Clark acknowledged, “But I still have my doubts.”

“Okay Clark,” Chloe responded, “Give it a few days . . . wait until karaoke night. See how he acts around you and then make a decision.”

“I just want to think this through,” Clark said.

“You don’t have to explain it to me,” Chloe said, “It’s good that you’re being careful.”

“After Lana, I can’t afford to rush anything,” Clark said, “I have no choice.”

“It’s a good idea, Clark,” Chloe said, “Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out together.”

He didn’t respond, too caught up in his own thoughts.

In three days, he would once again be faced with the man he loved. The man he loved, who was now single. Question was now that Lois was out of the picture, would Oliver want Clark?

Chapter 16
Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: never say goodbye

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