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Where I Stand

So you know me ... I have an opinion on everything. Sometimes it gets me in trouble but oh well. I guess I have to learn to phrase things more appropriately. But that doesn't stop me from having an opinion and speaking out on things that bother me.

This time, it has to do with the latest drama in SV fandom.

This Erica Durance nominating herself has escalated further. You'd think that once she has been eliminated, everyone would calm down but apparently, it's sexism now. I'm upset with the reactions but let's make one thing clear ... I don't think what the bashers are doing is sexism.

I think they're being plain jerks. There, that's my opinion.

Maybe Erica shouldn't have put her name in for Best Leading Actress ... but the fact of the matter is, she was qualified. Her agents probably read the rules back and forth and found out she was eligible. So should she have put in for Best Supporting? Perhaps. But if she really was qualified, by Emmys standards, why shouldn't she go for the higher spot?

After all, it's not like she knew she'd get it. She's on the CW for God's sake. They don't exactly get awards nor are they usually worthy of them. But if it gets her name out there, why not? If the problem is that she nominated herself, well, I think it's good that she's confident. It's not arrogance ... a whole bunch of other people did it ... there's no need to single her out.

Plus, duskwillow brought up a great point. Think back to the promos ... remember when the CW was launching? Do you guys remember the ads? Or remember who was in the ads? Yes ... I do too. Tom ... and Erica. When it was other people, it was Kristin & Michael. So obviously, despite being in 13 episodes, the network considers her a forefront of the show.

What frustrates me is the fact that everyone is making judgments on her character when none of them have even met her. All the fans who have met her have said that she's really sweet and gracious. I'm sure the cast only has good things to say about her ... LV praised her a lot so to say that all the cast hates her is really immature and ignorant. You're not there and you can't read their minds so stop assuming.

Besides, who says that she would do a backhanded thing like that? Why does everyone assume she'd go behind their backs? All she's doing is trying to get some attention. What's wrong with ensuring your career? Smallville's last season is coming up and if she wants to stay in the industry, she's going to have to take care of herself.

Everyone does that. Like how Allison Mack kept holding out on negotiations until she got what she wanted. She wasn't thinking of anyone else but herself then. Either was Kristin when she started signing movies and left SV behind. Same deal. If Allison or Kristin wanted to get themselves in the game for an Emmy nomination, they would've. I doubt they'd be "betrayed" by Erica's move. They're all in the industry ... they know what it's like ... they'd understand for sure. Even Tom did a Vogue photoshoot and is even making more public appearances. None of them are wrong for doing it; they're just taking care of their futures, which is completely understandable.

Hollywood is a tough industry. They're just all trying to survive. No need to freak out.

I hope that made a little bit of sense. I just felt like rambling a bit. Because for me, it seems that people just took this as another reason to start a round of Erica bashing.
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