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A Few Fics to Enjoy!

Since I haven't made a rec list in a while, I decided to do one now. Here's a few I enjoyed recently.

1. Might As Well (Clark/Oliver, NC-17) by quiet__tiger- We had a discussion a few weeks ago but I never imagined she'd follow up on it. But she did and it's great. Clark & Ollie get turned into girls by encountering some purple kryptonite and the results are hilarious. It's femmeslash and it's hot. Definitely worth a read.

2. For This is What I Have Left to Give (Chloe/Kara, R) by simplytoopretty- I usually don't read femmeslash but there are certain pairings I enjoy. Chloe/Kara being one of them. This fic is full of angst but it's beautifully written. Set in the future, Chloe is not as innocent as she once was, having to face the pain of heartbreak. But Kara is so innocent and so in love and it's just a wonderful fic. Check it out ... you won't be disappointed.

3. Understanding of the Heart (Clark/Lois, G) by autumnrae89- Her Clois always makes me happy and this is no exception. Clark & Lois reading Shakespeare, a Superman appearance and some nice fluff at the end makes this fic a great read.

4. Soulmate (Chloe/Kara, PG) by shadowglove88- I love the idea of soul mates ... they really appease my romantic side and this totally satisfied me. There is great Chloe/Kara banter and her Kara is so Kryptonian! Some of the stuff she has her say is too adorable.

5. Mistakes (Chloe/Kara, [PG], sequel) by shadowglove88- I know, lots of Chloe/Kara this time but a contest at absolut_chloe has produced good results. This one is the sequel to Soulmate and just as great as the first one. It has a really likeable Lana, Chloe-Lana friendship that doesn't seem forced and a solid ending the Clana. It's amazing! The Chloe-Kara parts are the best and this fic should be read all around!

6. One Way (Chloe, Moira Sullivan, PG) by divas_lament- This is a fic centered around Chloe and her relationship with her mother. It's really sad and I just wanted to give Chloe a hug by the end of it. But as far as the writing goes. she's always great and this one is a must read. 

7. And There She Was (Clark/Lois, [G]) by melissa_pbfan- A short but sweet piece. Clark & Lois are written very well ... she totally nailed their characters. This definitely puts a smile on my face.

I hope you enjoyed the fics! If you like a story, remember to leave feedback!
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