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Season 8 Spoilers

Thanks to the wonderful jeannev, I found out that there has been some spoilers by Ausiello. He answered two questions. If you want the original link, it's here. Her post is here.

Question: Do you have anything about Chloe on Smallville? — Aqgalaxy
Get ready for a Jimmy/Chloe/Doomsday triangle, although I have a feeling I know which suitor will ultimately win her heart: the one who doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer! Just a hunch.

Question: I think your first  "revolutionary new weekly column" should feature some Smallville spoilers. — Jesse
From everything I’m hearing, there will be a lot more comedy this season, courtesy of those new adventures Lois and Clark will be embarking on.

I honestly think that another triangle is silly. With the way they're killing and constantly bringing back the Chimmy, I really wonder if they're attempting for a Clana 2.0.

Though I am excited to see Lois and Clark work together. They've always been entertaining and I'm sure they'll get some work done too. She has this way of making him smile and my superficial side can't wait to see Clark in a suit!
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