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Some Recs

Since I'm bored, I decided to entertain myself by compiling a list of fics I've enjoyed recently. I hope you liked them too!

1. The Bet (Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, PG-13) by shadowglove88- This one is just hilarious! It involves Chloe & Ollie locked in a shrinking room with a pregnant Lois standing guard at the Watchtower, completely entertained. Her dialogue is great and her Lois is too funny for words. Definitely worth a read!

2. Boy Wonder (Bart/Tim, PG, SV/DCU) by shananagin- le_mouton recc'd this one and I just love it! It is totally SV Bart and it's how he meets Tim for the first time. It's hilarious, complete with a Clark trying to save the day, resulting in Clark & Bruce's first meeting. Her Bart is too adorable for words. I loved it and you will too!

3. Promise (Clark, Lois, PG) by htbthomas- What if Lois and Clark hadn't been interrupted in "Arctic"? That's what the summary states and it's really how that kitchen scene should've gone. Her Clark and Lois are right on character, as always, and it's just great!

4. Change (Clark/Lois, [G], spoilers) by melissa_pbfan- She writes Lois & Clark so perfectly. It's just so natural between the two of them and the ending is just so right. Every Clois fan should read this one and it really is how s8 should go. The writers need to take a few cues.

5. Thump! (Chloe/Bruce, [G]) by iliana_1- I don't really read Chloe/Bruce anymore but I made an exception. This was cute and really well written too! I like the dialogue and the ending put a smile to my face. Her Chloe is adorable and the snark is just great.

6. When The World Came Crashing Down (Clark/Lois, G, WIP) by autumnrae89- A future fic where Clark & Lois are engaged and then Superman dies by Doomsday's hand ... only ... Lois didn't know Clark was Superman. Intriguing huh? I'm already riveted and waiting (im)patiently for her to post the next part!

Check out this video by ferdalump! It's absolutely amazing!

Mourning the Death of Superman

I hope you enjoyed all the recs! If you liked something, leave feedback so we can get more stuff from these amazing people!
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