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The Dark Knight

So, as most of you know, I went to see the midnight screening of The Dark Knight. I went with my sister and we arrived at 9:30. Should've gotten there earlier but we're stupid, you see. There was already a long line. Our theater was playing ten shows and they started letting people in around 10:40. We got decent seats and we definitely weren't in the bottom so that was good.

I hate when people save seats though. It's so annoying! Especially this one guy who was holding these two seats forever! His friends showed up, like, ten minutes before the movie. Selfish jerks. :\

Anyway, back to the movie! It was absolutely awesome!!!

Let's start with Heath Ledger ... he was a fucking fabulous Joker. I swear to GOD ... totally creepy yet funny at times. Wow. His interactions with Batman were just terrific. I loved how he told different stories about his scars to different people ... how he has no identity or origin was just so great. It was so depressing to realize this was his last film (EDIT: it's actually his second to last film! thanks lonelyxlovers!)  but he did go out with a bang. Some people were joking that it'd be funny if he got to kiss Rachel because then he would've kissed both of the Gyllenhaal siblings. :D

Speaking of Maggie, she was MUCH better than Katie Holmes. Thank Goodness. I had a feeling she was going to die but it was sad when she actually did. I felt so bad for Harvey and Bruce. Especially Bruce ... that letter! I am really glad that Alfred burned it because Bruce shouldn't have to see it.

Everyone gave wonderful performances. Aaron Eckhart was everything I imagined Harvey Dent would be like. And TWO FACE! I totally knew he was coming but I was dying to see how he was going to become Two Face. The scene where Batman had to pick between Harvey and Rachel ... god this movie was made of WIN!

Alfred ... I love Michael Caine as Alfred. He was snarky and hilarious and had perfect scenes with Bruce. Lucius Fox was so cool too! I loved his scene with the accountant. Morgan Freeman rocks!

Gary Oldman was fantabulous. I swear, people started clapping when Lt Gordon was found to be not dead after all. I was so happy at that part! His monologue at the end was perfect ... how he said Batman could handle the chase was just so true.

Now to the man of the hour ... Christian Bale was still kicking ass. I LOVE HIM! His Batman voice still made me laugh at some points but he is SO good. I love how he acts as the billionaire playboy. In the Lamborghini scene, that was genius. "Do you think I should go to the hospital?" Oh Bruce! ♥

He had such great gadgets in this one too! The Batmobile was a car I loved when I was a little kid. I used to watch the animated Batman show and I always liked that car. And in the beginning, where the Batmobile was all "intimidate", I was so excited! Poor thing exploded though ... that was very sad, even though the motorcycle was just awesome too.

Back to the PERFECT CHRISTIAN BALE! Dude, his woobie Bruce was so amazing ... I love him to pieces! I mean, when he was sitting there with his mask off ... I wanted to hug him. How he believed in Harvey and had to see him become Two Face, how he accepted the blame for the murders just so Harvey would remain a figure of hope for the Gotham people ... it just blew me away.

THIS MOVIE IS THE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER! I mean, the comparisons of the white knight and the dark knight ... EVERYTHING ... sorry this isn't a more intelligent review ... I just am in constant SQUEEE mode!

So YES, you should ALL go see it and tell me what you think!!!
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