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A Random Post

Do you know what happens when you don't read the rules?

Well ... if you're like me, you end up signing up for bradygirl_12's DCU Fic/Art Mood Ring Challenge.

So I shall be writing my first Clark/Bruce fic.

We shall see how it turns out. Now my muses really have to come back. Fortunately, I have till September because I have a ton of fics I have to put out first. :\ Not to mention, I have to get the fics that my stupid computer is still holding hostage. :(

So to continue the random, I saw this website called Bringing Purple Back.

One of my friends thought I had made it. LOL!

starry_dawn, I thought of you! :D

I hope you're all doing well! Have a great week flist!
Tags: dcu fic/art mood ring challenge, random
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