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Some Fic Recs!

I do love recc'ing fics. Here's some good ones I read recently. I swear, there's so much good fic out there that I could read all day!

1. The End of the Beginning (Clark/Lois, PG, WIP) by katshakespeare- The premise is that Chloe dies and Clark and Lois turn to each other in their grief. This is not a premise I want to see played out on the show but in her fic, it's really well done. I don't want to spoil too much but Clark does leave on his training the morning after and Lois is left alone ... but not so much. Anyway, it's really great and the emotions are done so well that you definitely have to check it out.

2. Someone to Save You (Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, NC-17, WIP) by michellemtsu- This story has everything that I love ... Clois (eventually), Chlollie and a Clark/Oliver friendship. It takes place in s8 and it's a what if situation about Lex coming back and Oliver going in over his head in trying to protect Clark's secret. I love the way she writes the dialogue and her Chloe-Oliver interactions are wonderful. I can't wait till she updates!

3. Dirty Little Secret (Chloe/Lex, Chloe/Lucas, R) by abvj- I haven't read much Chlex but this one is fabulous. It's how Chloe is married to Lucas but she's having an affair with Lex. How she portrays the Chlex relationship is just amazing! If you like Chlex, go check it out!

4. Another Secret Kept- I (Lois/Kara, R, sequel) by autumnrae89- This is the sequel to a prompt she submitted for museofspeed's DCU Femmeslash Porn Challenge. The original fic is here. Both are really great and I love Lois's jealousy in the second one. The first Lois/Kara fics I have read and they're fantastic! I swear, she can write any pairing and make it good!

5. Blank Verse (Chloe/Lex, R, WIP) by abvj- This is a three parter, which only has the first one up and it has my attention completely. Her Chloe is much darker and the tension between her and Lex is just awesome. She left me at a cliffie and I'm dying to know what happens next!

6. 50 1 Sentence Fics (Clark/Oliver, R) by chaotic4life- You know the 1sentence challenge? Where you have a bunch of prompts and you can only use one sentence? That's what she did (even if it isn't officially for the challenge) and it's wonderful. I love how she says so much in so few words. Her Clark/Ollie is always fantastic and this one is no exception.

7. Brotherly Love (Clark/Oliver, NC-17, warnings, WIP) by jaycolin- This is based around the premise that the Queens found Clark rather than the Kents. And the meteor shower happened in 1983, which makes Clark and Ollie the same age. However, growing up they end up falling in love. Yes, incest (legally, not technically because they're not blood related) but if that squicks you, then just don't click. And don't whine to me either. He writes young Clark and Ollie really well and their bond with each other as well as the parents is really great. I, for one, am excited to see what will happen next.

Enjoy the recs! And as always, leave feedback for the authors if you like the fics! :D
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