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Chapter 18! :)

My newest chapter! Hope you like this one too! :) Please read & review!

Story: Never Say Goodbye
Pairing/Characters: Collie, Lollie, Chlimmy, Lexana, mentions of past Clana
Rating: R
Disclaimer: don’t own anything
Warning: slash, mentions of m/m sex
Spoilers: season 6, starts at 6x04, Arrow
Summary: That night at the penthouse was not the first time Clark met Oliver Queen. He has met him before but he just doesn’t remember where or when. But as the memories return, Clark finds out that his fateful summer in Metropolis is not as long gone as he thought it was.

Chapter 18

When Clark woke up the next morning, he found that he was in a strange bed but he recognized the bedroom immediately. He was taken aback, but only for a second as all his memories of the previous night rushed back to him. The drink containing red kryptonite, the song . . . God, had he actually sang in front of everyone? All the women he had flirted with, the bathroom encounter with Oliver, which eventually ended in the bedroom in which he was currently residing.

But he found the words he had told Chloe when she expressed her concern held true. He didn’t regret it, didn’t regret any of it. Last night had been amazing. Oliver wanted him and even better, he was no longer with Lois.

Did that mean that they were together? Was it just a one-night stand? Clark frowned, as his doubts began to return. Then he pushed the thoughts out of his head. He had just had a great night. That’s what he would focus on.

He turned on his side, ready to smile at Oliver. But the smile died quickly. There was nobody where Oliver should be. The other side of the bed was empty. Oliver was gone.

Every happy feeling he had was gone. To make sure he wasn’t overreacting, he scanned the entire penthouse. Nothing. Not only did Oliver leave him alone in his bed, he didn’t even have the decency to stick around. Oliver couldn’t have sent a clearer message on where he stood on what happened.

Their flirting, the little game they had been playing with each other . . . that was all it had been, a game. Oliver had made a move when he got tired of waiting. He even had said those exact words last night!

He had won . . . he managed to get Clark into bed with him. And now the game was over. Clark had to blink away the tears that were filling his eyes. This was an embarrassing situation and he never thought he would get himself into it.

Was it something he said? Was it something he did? Maybe he just wasn’t very good . . . after all, he hadn’t been with a man since the last time he had been with Oliver and that was a good three years ago.

He knew he should go . . . leave while he still had the chance. Oliver had probably been expecting him gone by the time he returned. But he couldn’t bring himself to get up. The room smelled like Oliver and if he closed his eyes, he could imagine Oliver lying next to him.

Reality hit every time he opened his eyes. Desperately, he tried to come up with excuses as to why Oliver was not there. He needed a reason . . . any reason would do. But he knew he had to face the truth . . . Oliver was gone.

It was time for him to leave as well. There was no use in pretending. As he got dressed, he tried to stay positive. At least he had had that one night. No matter how it was for Oliver, it had been incredible for him. Maybe the memories would be sufficient.

He would be happy to have this one night to look back on . . . someday in the future but not now. Not now, when his heart was being ripped into pieces, not when a pain was taking over his very essence, pain greater than anything that kryptonite could produce.

Fully dressed, he headed out of the bedroom and slowly made his way to the living room. Glancing around the room a final time, he went to the elevator. A minute later he was on the ground and seconds after he was on his way back to Smallville.

He had never been so happy to see the farm. It was surprisingly empty but he saw a note on the fridge. His mom had to go to Topeka again and she would be back in a couple of days. But then again, that was good. It was better that he was alone.

It would’ve been so easy to find Oliver too. He already knew the blonde’s heartbeat as well as his own and tracking him would be a piece of cake. But he had no clue what to say. Confrontations weren’t really his thing.

The worst part was that he had lost a very good friend in this mess. There was no way that they could keep a friendship after this. He would never be able to stand in a room with him, be close to him, without thinking of that night.

That was a shame because Oliver had been such a great friend. He had been someone Clark was learning to trust, someone Clark was willing to share his secret with and he had felt at true bond with him. Oliver had brought out a side of him that he didn’t know existed and he liked who he was around the older man.

He sighed. No use in crying over spilt milk. What was done was done and he just had to move on. Deal with the consequences and just accept that Oliver was out of his life. For now, anyway because he may not be good at confrontations but he knew he deserved an explanation.

Oliver had taken the coward’s route and he thought the other man was better than that. He couldn’t muster up any anger at him, his mind and body still in shock over what had happened. His phone buzzed and he went over to check on it, needing a distraction.

Turned out he had a voicemail and it was none other than Chloe. He smiled slightly when he heard his best friend’s voice.

“Hey Clark, it’s Chloe. You’re probably not up by now . . . I’m assuming you had a late night? Anyway, I wanted to make sure everything was cool and let you know that Lois and I made it home safely. Call me later and I want details!”

He was dialing her number before he could think about what he was doing. She picked up after two rings.

“Sullivan here,” she answered.

“Hey Chloe,” he said, “Got your message.”

“Hi Clark!” she exclaimed, “Well, I certainly didn’t expect to hear from you today. Are you at the penthouse?”

“Actually I’m home,” he admitted. “Back on the farm.”

He could practically hear her frown. “So early? Why aren’t you with Oliver? You two left together last night. Did you not stay together after that?”

“Oh we stayed together,” Clark replied, “I left this morning.”

“Did he have an emergency or something?” Chloe demanded, “What does he think about you leaving?”

“He doesn’t know,” Clark said, “And I doubt he would care, considering he wasn’t even around when I woke up.”

Silence. Chloe isn’t saying anything. Then he heard a curse on the other end.

“Language Chlo,” he joked.

“Don’t even start Clark,” Chloe said, “That scum ball . . . I have half a mind to go over and beat him to a pulp! Stupid, green leather wearing, arrow carrying, Robin Hood wannabe! I’ll take one of his arrows and just . . .”

“Chloe!” he interrupted before she could go any further.

“Clark why am I the only one who is angry about this?” Chloe asked.

“I don’t know,” Clark said sadly, “It hurts more than anything.”

“I hate that he hurt you,” Chloe said softly, “Look, I’m coming over there.”

“There’s no need for that,” Clark protested, “I’ll be fine.”

“No, you won’t be okay,” Chloe responded, “You’re going to sit around and brood all day. Don’t even try to argue with me, Clark Kent. I know you too well. I’m going to pick up breakfast and I will meet you in the farm in about 30 minutes.”

Knowing that it was pointless to argue, he agreed and hung up. He used the time to take a shower and get dressed.

Chloe was as prompt as ever and when he heard the knock on the door, he couldn’t hold back the smile. He opened the door and was never happier to see his best friend.

“Hey Chloe,” he said, taking the bags out of her hand, “Come on in.”

“Thanks,” she said, following him to the kitchen. “How are you holding up?”

“Surviving,” he said, pulling out the items in the bag. “You and Lois got back okay last night?”

“We were good,” Chloe assured him, “Lois totally bought your act.”

“I knew you wouldn’t,” Clark replied. He paused briefly. “I am sorry . . . for the way I treated you when I was under red k.”

“Clark, you didn’t do anything wrong,” Chloe said, “Apologies are not necessary at all. Your song was pretty cool.”

“I can’t believe I sang,” he groaned, “How embarrassing.”

“You did great,” Chloe said, “And that song was so perfect . . . I knew instantly that you were singing it to Oliver.” She giggled. “You should’ve seen his face when you were flirting with all those other women though.”

“I remember wanting to make him jealous,” Clark recalled.

“It certainly worked,” Chloe responded. His eyes clouded with sadness thinking about Oliver. Chloe, of course, saw the change. “Sorry Clark, I didn’t mean to make you think about him.”

“I just wish I knew,” he said, “why he left.” He met her eyes. “Did last night even mean anything to him?”

“Clark, I honestly was surprised at this,” Chloe confessed, “I mean, this doesn’t seem like a move he would make. He has always striked me as the ‘taking on a problem head on’ type of person.”

“That’s why this worries me,” Clark told her. “I don’t know what to do.”

“You should definitely talk to him,” Chloe advised, “You deserve answers.”

“Not yet though,” Clark said, “I’m not ready.”

“I don’t blame you,” Chloe replied, “You know, you shouldn’t seek him out. Make him come to you.”

“Is that a good idea?” he asked.

“Trust me, Clark, this is the best way to know,” Chloe said, “If he doesn’t come with an explanation soon, you’ll already have your answers. And then you can go yell at him.”

“Good point,” he said, “Thanks Chlo.”

“And if you have to go yell,” Chloe added, “Let me know first so I can go take care of him first.”

“I will do that,” he promised. But he couldn’t hold back a laugh at the idea of Chloe going and “taking care” of Oliver.

“We’ll get through this, Clark,” Chloe said. “You’ll be okay.”

“I know,” Clark said, “As long as you’re with me, I’ll be good.” She smiled. “Anyway, let’s not talk about Oliver anymore. I don’t want to discuss him. Any interesting performances after I left last night?”

She grinned and started to fill him in on what happened, the interesting acts to when they finally left. The two of them enjoyed breakfast and talked about the different people who had sang.

Chloe stayed a while after they finished breakfast, the two of them catching up on each other’s lives. She eventually had to leave, having had made previous plans with Jimmy. He told her to say hi to Jimmy for him and she said she would.

She left and he was alone again but this time, he felt a lot better. Chloe had a way of doing that. No matter how bad a day he was having or whatever horrible thing he was dealing with, she always came in and managed to make him happier by just being there.

Chloe Sullivan was one of a kind and he felt lucky enough to have her in his life.

The next few hours went by quickly. He had chores to complete and he was doing them slowly. Ever since the whole Linda Lake scandal, he was worried that someone was always watching him. All the pains he had taken to stay out of the limelight had gone to waste. After the wedding was over, he hoped everything would go back to normal. But for now, he could stand to be a little more cautious.

His mom called after he finished lunch to check up on him. They had a brief conversation and he assured her that he was doing fine. He missed her and missed the days that they were able to see each other all the time but he couldn’t complain. She was doing so well as a senator and he was proud of her and all that she was accomplishing.

His day slowed down after that phone call and he was just relaxing in his loft when he heard the sound of a car approaching. It was the footsteps that caught his attention.

He may no move to get up from his position on the couch and looked up when he heard someone on the steps. When the person reached the top, he froze at who it was.

Oliver. He certainly did not expect to see him this soon.

“Hi,” Oliver said.

“Hey,” Clark replied.

“We need to talk,” Oliver said seriously.

“I didn’t think there was anything to talk about,” Clark replied, his voice taking a slight edge.

Oliver sighed, “Look, I have my reasons . . .”

“You have your reasons?” Clark repeated, interrupting him, “This one should be good. What good reason could you have for ditching me this morning? Do you know how it felt? You have some nerve showing up here and saying you have reasons!”

Oliver’s eyes narrowed. “I’d like a chance to explain.”

“And why should I give you one?” Clark demanded.

“Well I think I’m not the only one keeping secrets, Clark,” Oliver said. He paused for a second and glared at him. “Or should I say Kal?”

Chapter 19
Tags: category: slash, collie, fandom: smallville, fanfic, ship: clark/oliver, story: never say goodbye
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