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A small ficlet

For le_mouton from this meme. She wanted a Clark/Bart friendship fic ... I hope she likes it! Sorry about the delay!

Title: A Question
Pairing/Characters: Clark, Bart, mentions of Clark/Lois
Rating: G
Word Count: 499
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Spoilers: none
Summary: Clark has a question for Bart.

When Clark announced his engagement to Lois at the end of the latest Justice League meeting, he was met with a round of cheers. The entire team was happy for him, even Oliver. Then again, he had gotten used to Clark and Lois, since the couple had been dating for quite a while. And short of being blind, it was impossible to ignore how in love the pair was and how right they were for one another.

Bart was especially thrilled. His amigo had found his soul mate and seeing the pure joy on Clark's face made him smile too. He approved of Lois ... she kept Clark on his toes and he knew if anyone deserved happiness, it was Clark.

Besides, it would be one great wedding. Hopefully Mrs. Kent would provide some of her great home cooking. His stomach was already growling at the thought.

"Bart?" Clark's voice drew him back to reality and he looked up to see emerald green eyes watching him nervously.

"Hey amigo, what's up?"

"I was just wondering if I could talk to you ... alone," Clark replied. Bart nodded and the two of them moved away from the crowd, the rest of the team hardly noticing their disappearance.

Bart was curious as to what the brunet wanted. He also looked nervous, which was an unusual look for the "man of steel". At least nowadays.

"What's up?" Bart asked again, when they were certain they were alone.

"Well," Clark said, shuffling his feet, "I'm getting married."

"Yup," Bart responded, grinning. "It's about time!"

Clark chuckled. "You wouldn't be the first one to say that," he remarked, "That's not what I wanted to talk you about though." Clearing his throat, he continued, "See ... for the wedding, I ... I'm going to need a best man."

Bart tilted his head, slightly bewildered. "What are you saying?"

"I was hoping you would do me the honor of being the best man at my wedding," Clark admitted. Seeing Bart's wide eyed expression, he hastened to add, "I know it can be a big responsibility ... and I know it may be a little bit of work and I will totally understand if you don't want to ..."

"YES!" Bart's exclamation, interrupting Clark's rambling.

"Really?" The excitement and hope in Clark's expression confirmed his decision.

"Of course dude," Bart told him. "I never thought you'd ask me."

"You've always been the brother I never had," Clark said, clearly relieved. "I couldn't think of anyone else I'd want standing by my side."

"Well you can count on me," Bart promised.

"Never doubted it," Clark retorted, causing Bart to laugh.

As they walked back to the crowd, Clark commented, "Did I mention that Chloe will be the maid of honor?"

"You do love me!" Bart said happily. Now he could finally test out what they say about the best man and the maid of honor.

First, he had a speech to plan.

This was going to be great.
Tags: category: gen, fandom: smallville, fanfic, story: a question
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