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New Spoilers!

I found this out courtesy of cloiser_trish and the original article is here.

Smallville Exclusive: A Kiss Before Flying?

This season on the CW's Smallville, Clark will go to work at the "Daily Planet," where he'll bump desks with Lois Lane. The predestined set-up understandably has some fans already lobbying for a lip-lock.

Well, there's one coming.

Sources whisper to me that in this season's fifth episode, titled "Committed," Clark and Lois will be "forced" to make like lovebirds as they investigate some strange goings-on involving a crazy guy and a Moment of Truth-esque lie detector "game." It is in the course of this bit of harrowing, shoe-leather reporting that the "Daily" duo find themselves engaged in a smooch.

How real is their clinch? You'll have to wait and see and fiercely debate decide for yourselves. After all, let's not forget that these two have macked on each other before — namely, once when Lo mistook CK for the Green Arrow, and again when she was under the influence of that drugged lipstick.

But perhaps the third time is the charm?

Oh, and the "flying" reference in my headline? That simply sounded good. There's no word yet on when the longstanding "No Flights" policy will be rendered obsolete by the series' new regime. — Matt Mitovich

Looks interesting doesn't it? A Clois kiss! I was really hoping that they'd kiss in that episode where they're pretending to be a couple.

Don't get me wrong, I still don't want them to be together just yet but I won't object to a kiss. ;)
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